gift tags and a caption contest – updated

ann wood birds

update 12/17 :

Thanks so much for your wonderful imaginations – so many good captions!  And there was – by unanimous decision – a tie – so 2 birds will be awarded.  And the winners are:

Debra : “Four calling birds, three acorn caps, two spools of thread, and a pincushion filled with many needle sharps!”.

And Bach Hanes  :  Everyone ready? Let’s get the flock out of here.

Thanks again to everybody who came up with a caption.


I sure do like to make a little bird, put an acorn hat on it and take its picture.  I love the photos in part because everyday things are transformed into little  bird world things – I imagine their perspective and peek into their world and wonder what they are up to…

What do you think they are up to? Make up a caption for the photo above and leave it in the comments of this post.  An esteemed panel of judges will choose a winner who get’s their very own bundled up bird. Everyone is welcome to participate.

bundled up bird

little house gift tagsAnd gift tags! A little yellow house in the forest – print them on card stock, fold at the roof and add a little glitter and a string or ribbon.  Click here to download the little house tags.

A couple notes:

* The red ribbon in the photo above is 4 mm silk ribbon – I love it – you can get it here.

* The pattern for the little birds is here.

* And the little birds in the photo are in the shop now and I restocked a couple bunnies and squirrels too.


  1. Birds of a feather may flock together, but birds of a frock will don their acorn caps and set off on an adventure together.

  2. Who needs berets??? A little bird told me….. that acorn caps are the next “must have” fashion accessory!

    (And these are really adorable, by the way…! 😀 )

  3. Camilla La Mer

    “Leader of the Flock” They are so delightfully animated, Ann, because they are looking at YOU, their creator with the camera!!!!

  4. Yes, we sew very big things, and yes, these are our tools. We fly around and pass the needle to one another. And yes, this is a pile of spare hats. And yes, we are as nifty as we look.

  5. “We understand that you’re busy this holiday season Ann, but Dotty here, was wondering where her hat and scarf got to?”

  6. Ann, Thank you so much for the unique gift tags. Happy Holidays to you and a very prosperous New Year. ” Why fly South when you can be decked out in winter finery by so many adoring fans?”.

  7. Jeannemarie

    What comes to mind when I see these adorable birds is ” I think I saw a Puddy Cat”
    Love your birds.

  8. “Time to go pick out a Christmas tree!” Looks like they are about to head out to the woods…..

  9. “Who’s got the directions to the Teddy Bear’s picnic?”

  10. Mom,

    “Can we go out and play? We promise to come back before dark.”

  11. “What time does the quilting party start, Aunt Dinah?”
    Thanks for the cute tags, Ann.

  12. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!! I know I have an over active mind, but I just heard that song when I saw these little cuties! Don’t they look ready to play in the snow?

  13. Thise elves in Santa’s workshop have nothing on us when it comes to making scarves.

  14. “These are all over twitter ” chirped the flock as they fluffed their feathers over the latest in aviary accessories.

  15. “Hey, did you hear that?. It’s winter coming, fast and furious! Better get those scarves on you two!”

  16. “We can’t wait to get packed up and on our way to our new homes for Christmas”

  17. Marilee Reyes

    Iggie’s bird buddies wait while he decides which scarf to wear on their outing. Meanwhile, Iggie’s mom is thinking, “When will that boy learn to hang away his clothes when he takes them off.”

  18. Jennifer Gardiner

    ‘Ooooo quick Mummy Ann-two more scarves -one hat and we can go and play’

  19. “May the sweet tweets always be with you”

    Happy Holidays, Ann.

  20. Such a tough decision! Bright and bold, or herringbone? (This spoken by the little grey bird who doesn’t have its scarf yet.)

  21. No, he cannot borrow my brown scarf. Stop playing with the ship,Ann, and make him a red one.

  22. While I distract her, you three grab all the hats. We can get sell them for two sunflower seeds each!

  23. While I distract her, you three grab all the hats. We can get sell them for two sunflower seeds each on Etsy!

  24. Ann, my back up tweeters need matching scarves for our Christmas morning gig.

  25. Caption: “That cat will never recognize us in these fine duds!”

  26. Linda Marks

    “Finally, a day at the park! One, two, three…lets flee.”

  27. “God rest ye merry gentle birds, let nothing you dismay, remember don your acorn hats and sing throughout the day! ”

    Thank you Ann for all of the magic you bring into the world. I hope you have a peaceful holiday season and a sparkly new year.

    Warmly admiring you from afar,

    Zoe Blue

  28. “I must say…..the ….. cleverest of disguises…lads” (says the blue) “Oh….. the fun of it !!”

  29. “Arthur, we just don’t think that this sew-your-own-girlfriend thing is a very good idea”.

  30. I told Dorothy not to click her glittered heels together, now all that’s left if her scarf and hat!!

  31. My thought is that they look like little artist birds with their berets, creative little beings who do the same things we do.

  32. These are adorable! The discussion has to be ‘what would you like for Christmas?’ they all look so thoughtful and it’s a question asked so much at this time of year 🙂

  33. “Caroling, caroling through the town-Christmas time is coming. Sweet sung tweets for all to hear-Christmas time-brings Christmas cheer.”

  34. “Get ready guys! Looks like she’s going to be doing some serious de-stashing for Christmas!”

  35. Ann, thank you for the gift tags.

    “Quick, finish Ann’s present before she gets back!”

  36. We are the acorn cap brigade! Enlisting a new bird recruit to spread cheer in the most dapper fashion!

  37. “Did you get the photo? We can’t stand still much longer!”


  38. LindaMason

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single bird in possession of a good nest, must be in want of a wife :O)

  39. “Okay, here’s the plan. I’ll be lookout, while you guys hide Ann’s Christmas present. And no twittering about — we’re on a tight schedule here. She won’t be in the bathroom forever, ya know.”

  40. “Four calling birds, three acorn caps, two spools of thread, and a pincushion filled with many needle sharps!”.

  41. “Who needs to fly south for the winter…it’s too darn fun around here with our little acorn hats and scarves…let’see what else Ann can do with us:)?

  42. Joyce Holmgren

    “Take this tip from nature: The woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best.”
    -Bernard Meltzer

  43. katklaw777

    “Don your hats and scarves my friends…there are sooooooo many good girls and boys that Santa has put out a call for help in his workshop and we must be on our way!”

  44. Brrr….habillé chaudement pour traverser l’atlantique et rejoindre mes copain les moineaux de Paris pour picorer les miettes de pain dans les bars du 11e

  45. ‘she knows when you’ve been Bad or Good! , So be Good for Goodness sake’. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !

  46. Jean-Pierre and the Resistance prepare for another attack, gathering scissors, pins and a very dangerous tomato. Vive la France!!!

  47. “Standing on the corner watching all the flocks fly bye ” .
    Thank you for sharing your art. I wish you and yours a very happy Holiday.

  48. Suzanne Lee

    Fine Winter Woolens for all birds. Handmade by Ann. Order yours today!

  49. Thank you so much for your gift of the sweet little tags and a chance to win one of these adorable birds. You are very kind and generous, not to mention talented! I love getting your emails.

    “I thought we were all ready to go sledding, but I guess Maude is having one of her hot flashes again.”

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Creative New Year!

  50. Be quiet guys and stay still, really still. Then she’ll forget we are here and we can stay together and we won’t get shipped away.

    Thank you Ann for your creative ponderings this year. They have been really thought provoking and interesting.

    Peace be with you.


    PS I’ve just spent the day making a squirrel – such good company!!

  51. Ann Lindsey

    …did any of you gals catch the hat Marge was wearing at the feeder today? So pretentious-I think she has a thing for Walter!

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