my big creative year : can does not equal should

This has always been a sticky spot for me. I make myself very busy with work I CAN do without carefully considering if it is work I SHOULD do, work only I can do, work I am meant to do. A yes to one thing is a stealthy no to something else. A lot of my efforts this year have been around making those choices more carefully or at least more consciously and treating time like the precious resource it is.

I first came across Elizabeth Gilbert through her Ted Talk on Creativity and just lately put her new book Big Magic on my list (have your read it? I’d love to hear what you thought). And there is a companion podcast series to the book – Magic Lessons. You know I love a good podcast and I listened to all 12 episodes during a marathon sewing session. I love the way she talks about ideas, inspiration:

“Inspiration is looking for you, it’s waiting for you patiently while you’re making your mistakes, making the things that must be made on the way to what it has for you, it is a collaboration and a synergy…”

The podcast is a series of interviews with other authors and artists and conversations with women trying to move past fear,  procrastination, guilt and busyness into their most truly creative work – their big magic.

Find the podcast – Magic Lessons – here:


  1. Thank you for this! I didn’t know about her latest book. It is perfect for us right now, eh? I’m with you on this life issue…

  2. cannot wait to listen, Thanks for the info and please continue to recommend things like this!
    XXOO Cat

  3. great to have these updates from you..i want to do the same thing and send out updates and tasty tidbits..
    I read elizabeths book, actually I listened to it while i was can get it on audible, i wish i could send you my copy but audible does not permit that..but it is great with many great quotes..the idea is that we have to court our inspiration and nurture it with love and joy..whatt we appreciate grows .. what we nurture will nurture us, and also accepting the ebb an flow of creativity…
    gotta go get soem creative flow going!!
    much love, Lauren

  4. I loved her podcast! I listened to them really fast, too! It really got me revved up about creating. I am enjoying the book in a slower, chapter at-a-time pace. I can’t read it at night because it get my brain fired up. Perhaps reading a chapter in the morning is the way to go now that I think about it.

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