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stoop sale

Happy spring! I’m spring cleaning like nobody’s business  and preparing for the second annual ann wood virtual stoop sale. There will be a couple antique garments, some vintage fabric and paper (the usual suspects)  as well as some original art work and a truly odd assortment of  other things. The sale is happening on etsy : on Sunday evening, March 23rd, at 8 pm (new york time). As always  – you can refer to my calendar to know what’s coming up. There are some previews below and maybe more tomorrow if time permits – this is always more work than i think it’s going to be.

beaded cape

The beading on this  wretched antique cape is all black glass, hand done and super detailed – there are lots of different designs and cool dangly things.


Below – another detail form the cape beading, paper mache flatware, a drawing of a  ship, a celluloid flower pin from the 50’2 and some art deco chandelier crystals – they’re lovely and I have a bunch.

stoop sale items

tiny theater

I think I’ve mentioned before – I had a pretty serious puppet phase in the  mid 90’s  – the little theater and odd little cast of characters  has been in a box forever – maybe someone will enjoy it. I also made tons hand puppets and gave them away, the remaining spare parts and almost finished puppets will be in the sale on Sunday too.

puppet parts

shells And shells – lots and lots of shells – some I collected, most I purchased.  So many possibilities……….

flea market report 6/26/2011

Acquired this past Sunday at the park slope fleamarket:

ceramic hand with flowersA vintage ceramic hand- I don’t know exactly what it is, what it’s for but I like it. There’s a hole in the palm – for flowers maybe?

ceramic hand

A tiny purse /wallet- just fits in my palm. It has a coin purse and a space just big enough for bills. I like the oversized clasp.

apron and tiny walletAnd a  vintage apron – I love the  print. It’s a smock really that snaps down the front. I have it on right now. It is not sexy. It has a whole other effect.

goodbye 2010

I hope 2010 was a fabulous year for you and wish you a happy 2011.  I’ll end the year with photos of  a few favorite treasures I discovered on deadhorse beach this year.

A tiny perfume bottle  and a bit of sea green net,

deadhorse perfume bottle

a wonderfully detailed little spaceman,

deadhorse spaceman

and a  pretty ceramic shard.

deadhorse shard

Happy New Year!!!

(and thanks for showing up)

small things from dead horse bay

small things 4/21Everything above was found on the beach of  Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn.     I’ve posted lots of other treasures from the bay before –  I’m fascinated by the objects, their history, their transformation and their refusal to be discarded.  These things will be in the small things section of the shop later on this week. *update:  due to technical difficulties I’m hoping to resolve over the weekend it will be the beginning of next week. You can see a preview of sailboat #8 here and here.


The little salt shaker is sterling silver and stamped with a makers mark.

vintage fabric give away

vintage fabric

I’m doing a major “getting rid of ” here and starting with my big old trunk of vintage fabric, there’s all sorts of stuff in there – I don’t  even  know exactly what any more  but for optimum productivity and mental health  some of it has to go. There are a few big pieces but it’s mostly smallish scraps, it’s all vintage and some bits I’ve had my entire life;  if you would like some just leave a comment to this post that you would like to be included in the drawing. I’ll pick 3 names this Friday, September 18th and email the winners for their addresses.   Also on the subject of free stuff for you I’ll be posting a tiny tophat pattern/ tutorial  later this week.

* Comments are closed, names have been drawn and winners emailed. Thanks for participating everybody! *

feet, two dogs, a show girl and a fella

I’m working on owls.

And a photo I got at the flea market yesterday. I wish I had time to go through the box carefully. I usually look at pictures like this but don’t buy them – trying to have less stuff – but I had to take this one, so many things to like but mostly the little white dog, he seems to be the only one not in on the fun.

a charm

Or amulet, or talisman, a lucky or magic thing made from a glass bottle stopper  washed up on plum beach in Brooklyn that came to me by way of the park slope flea market and bits of 19th century threads  collected in Japan by my friend Stephen.

I love the idea of all the things that had to happen in the world for these little bits to come together.

And Jason and the Argonauts.

I’ve been going through old files and came across this still from the film I cut out of  a newspaper. I love the image just on it’s own and I loved the movie as a kid, especially the stop motion bits. You can see them  here on youtube if you like.