flea market report 6/26/2011

Acquired this past Sunday at the park slope fleamarket:

ceramic hand with flowersA vintage ceramic hand- I don’t know exactly what it is, what it’s for but I like it. There’s a hole in the palm – for flowers maybe?

ceramic hand

A tiny purse /wallet- just fits in my palm. It has a coin purse and a space just big enough for bills. I like the oversized clasp.

apron and tiny walletAnd a  vintage apron – I love the  print. It’s a smock really that snaps down the front. I have it on right now. It is not sexy. It has a whole other effect.


  1. I’m not sure what the hole in the vintage hand is for, but I think that the fingers are ring-safes for when you’re washing the dishes, etc. Cute finds!

  2. I remember having seen this hand before and it is indeed meant for flowers. Isn’t it pretty?

  3. This weekend I got two vintage wool blankets and a baby snuggie for 1 euro & 10 cents in the Netherlands. Cannot wait to start creating with those goodies. The next day was a successful treasure hunt for German lava pottery.

  4. Yay! I love seeing others finds from thrift shops and flea markets. Fun stuff!

  5. pity me please, when I was a teenager working in a fruit and vegtable shop I had to wear a pinny like that, and you are quite right, they are not sexy in the slightest. I used to cringe with embarrasment if someone I knew came in….though it wasn’t as bad as when I had to wear a T-shirt advertising Outspan oranges…with the memorable saying “small ones are more juicy” emblazened across my not very ample chest. I still get pink cheeks thinking about it!

  6. My grandmother had a ceramic hand like that on her vanity with her rings on it. I loved it so much when she passed away my aunt gave it to me and it’s on my vanity with my rings on it now. 🙂

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