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songbird work and an upcoming stoop sale

songbird progress

I wanted  to show you a little more songbird progress – she has fancy tail feathers. They take ages to sew but I love them. She’s made from beautiful plum Sri textiles.
songbird progress

And I’m having another annual-ish stoop sale! The virtual kind – I’ll put everything on Etsy.  I’ve just started photographing treasures I’m ready to part with. There is still lots more to sort though and decide about – I haven’t even started going through fabric and lace. There will probably be some antique garments too. It’s at least a couple weeks away but I’ll post the date and time as soon as possible and more previews soon. Here are a few things I’ve decided to let go of – they have been lovely for me and now they can be lovely for someone else.

antique mini frames

doll clothespins

I love the doll clothespins – most of them are antique and beautifully made – I hope they make some doll very happy.

stoop sale

Happy spring! I’m spring cleaning like nobody’s business  and preparing for the second annual ann wood virtual stoop sale. There will be a couple antique garments, some vintage fabric and paper (the usual suspects)  as well as some original art work and a truly odd assortment of  other things. The sale is happening on etsy : on Sunday evening, March 23rd, at 8 pm (new york time). As always  – you can refer to my calendar to know what’s coming up. There are some previews below and maybe more tomorrow if time permits – this is always more work than i think it’s going to be.

beaded cape

The beading on this  wretched antique cape is all black glass, hand done and super detailed – there are lots of different designs and cool dangly things.


Below – another detail form the cape beading, paper mache flatware, a drawing of a  ship, a celluloid flower pin from the 50’2 and some art deco chandelier crystals – they’re lovely and I have a bunch.

stoop sale items

tiny theater

I think I’ve mentioned before – I had a pretty serious puppet phase in the  mid 90’s  – the little theater and odd little cast of characters  has been in a box forever – maybe someone will enjoy it. I also made tons hand puppets and gave them away, the remaining spare parts and almost finished puppets will be in the sale on Sunday too.

puppet parts

shells And shells – lots and lots of shells – some I collected, most I purchased.  So many possibilities……….

a remarkable collection of vintage greeting cards

Thanks so much to everybody who turned up at the Surplus Sale on Sunday. I’m gathering things for the next sale and   I photographed my collection of vintage greeting cards today.  It is mostly 1970’s, some older and it is spectacular. And huge – more than two and a half pounds.

I got this collection 5 or 6 years ago at the park slope flea-market – it was part of someones estate.   This lady was a pioneer – she was scrapbooking before it was invented – some of the cards are  very carefully cut -I guess to be part of a collage or  gift tags or maybe new cards populated with mismatched characters ( I love that idea).

The vase has glitter on it. So good.

surplus sale : previews

Happy daylight savings time!  It was a magnificent spring like day in Brooklyn. I spent a lot of it taking last minute photos for tonight’s sale. I’m featuring mostly  textiles this weekend  ( next weekend is paper) and here are a couple more previews of what will be available at the surplus sale tonight at 9PM (EST).

surplus shop : dress parts

I’m spending a little bit of each day photographing things for my surplus shop sale and a little bit of each night editing and writing descriptions.   I plan to have weekly updates (until I run out of stuff) beginning this Sunday  ( 3/10) evening – it’s my favorite day of the year- the beginning of daylight savings time, sunset at 6:45 PM !  I don’t even mind losing the hour of sleep.

All the photos above are of tattered antique  dress parts – you can see all the preview photos I’ve taken so far here. This afternoon I’m going to sort through this box of bits and pieces – vintage millinery mostly.

surplus shop : gowns and lace

I’ve been photographing more  things for the upcoming studio sale – a virtual stoop sale of some of my treasures, experiments  and supplies.  After considiering lots of options I’ve decided to host this sale on etsy.   I’ll give you more info as I figure things out but I’ll begin listing things for sale  at the end of next week and  will be posting  more previews here this week and next. As always you can join my mailing list updates.

I’m beginning with textiles – lace and gowns  mostly.  It hurts to let them go  but I’ve used what I can use. They are undone, tattered beauties- sometimes in pieces.

I’m also sorting through tangles of lace  and  dress parts and creating little collections – there’s some interesting stuff.

making space

I’m getting organized and making space, mental and physical. A great letting go has begun. One of the results of this effort will be my  first ever online studio sale  – a sort of a virtual stoop sale.  I’m digging through deep and not so deep  storage  every night and unearthing experiments, treasures, supplies, samples and props.  I think the sale is about 2 weeks away and I’ll keep you posted on the where and the when here or you can join my mailing list here.  Today I’ll share a little of what I’ve come up with so far.


Some ruined but wonderful, frothy antique gowns. There will be lots of antique lace too.

ring pillows

I have a little collection of ring pillows made from antique gowns and petticoats available at BHLDN now  (ps – their spring collection is lovely) –  some of the samples  and  experiments I made along the way will be part of my studio sale.


Horses! My cardboard horses- some of the original signed and numbered group of 100.

paper mache fork and spoons

I love these – they were part of a holiday window I made ages ago.

caged bird

And a caged bird on a little nest of lace. It’s one of the very first birds I made.