surplus shop : dress parts

I’m spending a little bit of each day photographing things for my surplus shop sale and a little bit of each night editing and writing descriptions.   I plan to have weekly updates (until I run out of stuff) beginning this Sunday  ( 3/10) evening – it’s my favorite day of the year- the beginning of daylight savings time, sunset at 6:45 PM !  I don’t even mind losing the hour of sleep.

All the photos above are of tattered antique  dress parts – you can see all the preview photos I’ve taken so far here. This afternoon I’m going to sort through this box of bits and pieces – vintage millinery mostly.


  1. I am so excited about your sale. There are so many things that I could put to good use – I can’t wait.

    • Great- it’s going to be a sale with a capital S. I love your dolls – there will be lots of good stuff for you.

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