surplus shop : gowns and lace

I’ve been photographing more  things for the upcoming studio sale – a virtual stoop sale of some of my treasures, experiments  and supplies.  After considiering lots of options I’ve decided to host this sale on etsy.   I’ll give you more info as I figure things out but I’ll begin listing things for sale  at the end of next week and  will be posting  more previews here this week and next. As always you can join my mailing list updates.

I’m beginning with textiles – lace and gowns  mostly.  It hurts to let them go  but I’ve used what I can use. They are undone, tattered beauties- sometimes in pieces.

I’m also sorting through tangles of lace  and  dress parts and creating little collections – there’s some interesting stuff.


  1. Oooooo…….ahhhhh! Can’t wait til your shop opens!

  2. Зиля

    I see a lot of lace tatting technique, beauty and wealth!

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