a remarkable collection of vintage greeting cards

Thanks so much to everybody who turned up at the Surplus Sale on Sunday. I’m gathering things for the next sale and   I photographed my collection of vintage greeting cards today.  It is mostly 1970’s, some older and it is spectacular. And huge – more than two and a half pounds.

I got this collection 5 or 6 years ago at the park slope flea-market – it was part of someones estate.   This lady was a pioneer – she was scrapbooking before it was invented – some of the cards are  very carefully cut -I guess to be part of a collage or  gift tags or maybe new cards populated with mismatched characters ( I love that idea).

The vase has glitter on it. So good.

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  1. Cyd Williamson

    Wow, did the photos bring back memories of childhood. I saw many of the cards that my mom used back then, a lot of the Hallmark brand she loved so much.

    Thanks for a jolt from my past.

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