on my worktable today

I’m finishing up  boat orders this week – if you’re waiting for one they will all be off by Monday.  Merry Wobblers are preparing to board their boats, raise their sales and depart.

wobblers and boats

So long Wobblers.

I’m also working on a collection of new Fortuny creatures for their Venice showroom. I stopped by the New York showroom last week and got lots of  beautiful and inspiring fabric to work with.

P.S. If you are in NY or will be before March 30th  there is a wonderful  exhibit at  the  Queen Sofía Spanish Institute curated by  Oscar de la Renta of  of the work of Fortuny y Madrazo  (1871–1949).


  1. i love all you work….thas fantastic gongrast!!!…..

  2. Oooh … These birds are so beautiful !! I was already a big fan of your owls but now … 🙂

  3. As always, I so enjoy visiting your blogs and seeing what you have been up to as of late. Also have lots of lace, flower stuff etc…recently set out many jewelry boxes and other containers and started filling them up…if you want to see please visit my blog. I have to tell you…on my bucket list that is only in my head…is one day to be able to purchase one of your owls. My Grandma Helen was a very crafty women and known also for making the most of every scrap of fabric and repurposing and she loved owls! Thank you for when you have shared the process when making your owls as well as your other birds and spiders…and now to see that you are making rats!!! Have a fabulous day….deb

  4. Cyd Williamson

    Such happy boats and birds! I’m a bird lover, so am always excited when an e-mail comes from you.

    The Fortuny fabrics look luscious. Will you be able to post the results of this commission?

    Always looking forward, Cyd

  5. I love the sweet personality of the little wobbly birds. They remind me of the wrens that nest in my yard. 🙂

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