surplus sale : previews

Happy daylight savings time!  It was a magnificent spring like day in Brooklyn. I spent a lot of it taking last minute photos for tonight’s sale. I’m featuring mostly  textiles this weekend  ( next weekend is paper) and here are a couple more previews of what will be available at the surplus sale tonight at 9PM (EST).


  1. I love your birds and boats and wish I could afford them…they are unique and tres speciale!

    can hardly wait to see the sale!

    thanks, Bonnie

  2. You’re a wonderful artist!! I love your creations. I think your birds, ships, dresses… are special and mysterious. I sorry my bad English!

    A greeting!

  3. Hi Missed it!! I live in England and would’ve had to get up at 3am. Now wish I had! Will you be putting any more things in your surplus shop? Thank you. Sara

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