a charm

Or amulet, or talisman, a lucky or magic thing made from a glass bottle stopper  washed up on plum beach in Brooklyn that came to me by way of the park slope flea market and bits of 19th century threads  collected in Japan by my friend Stephen.

I love the idea of all the things that had to happen in the world for these little bits to come together.

And Jason and the Argonauts.

I’ve been going through old files and came across this still from the film I cut out of  a newspaper. I love the image just on it’s own and I loved the movie as a kid, especially the stop motion bits. You can see them  here on youtube if you like.


  1. i too loved this image and movie. my husband watches it every time it comes on the t.v. i also like how your trinket came together as well. i look at your intriguing and oringinal work constantly. thanks for sharing, wanda

  2. Jason and the Argonauts! I think it’s my favourite Harryhausen film- I haven’t seen it since I was about 10. The skeleton army really had an influence on me!

    Isn’t it marvellous, all the things in the world that have happened around these little treasures- I look in my found object boxes at tiny things that are so old, and wonder how they survived the world for all their years…

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