fleamarket 3/08/09

Acquired this weekend at the park slope flea market:

All of it  dug up, washed up and fished out at plum beach  brooklyn. Good stuff. Happy day light savings time.


  1. the picture of spoons is simply wonderful. i’d like it large and framed in my kitchen.

  2. Ferdinand the bull!
    Those little figures are very poignant. Did some poor child go home long ago, after a frantic hour trying to find a lost favourite? t.x

  3. Great finds – I love to see what others pick up at flea markets!
    You do a great job of incorporating your textile finds in your work – simply lovely!

  4. A true conversation this weekend:

    Me “I have to remember to get the chickadee out of my freezer.”
    My friend(enthusiastically) “I have a baltimore oriel in MY freezer.”

    I look at your photo and think: ah. Another kindred soul.

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