small things from dead horse bay

small things 4/21Everything above was found on the beach of  Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn.     I’ve posted lots of other treasures from the bay before –  I’m fascinated by the objects, their history, their transformation and their refusal to be discarded.  These things will be in the small things section of the shop later on this week. *update:  due to technical difficulties I’m hoping to resolve over the weekend it will be the beginning of next week. You can see a preview of sailboat #8 here and here.


The little salt shaker is sterling silver and stamped with a makers mark.


  1. Were those all from the same trip? I did not find anything nearly as great when I went out there last October. Some bottles, a piece of a broken teapot. I need to go back!

  2. Have just this minute found your site.
    What very beautiful and clever things you make.
    What a find.
    Shall be keeping a sharp eye on your work.

  3. I thought that was a real gun at first and was imagining a “cold case” being solved. Then I enlarged the image. duh. 😉

  4. I hope to visit New York later this year. Dead horse Bay is now on top of my most wanted visit list next to some of the flea markets mention in your blog. Since treasure hunting is one of my favorite things your blog is a true find! So inspirational! Thanks for charing!

  5. Ann, I am a digger myself…found many many wonderful things over the years. I started doing it as therapy when my husband was dealing with cancer. Sweat, muscle and lots of dirt and all free! I can look now at some of those objects and think about Mark…..thanks for sharing…debbie

  6. I LOVE this! I had once gone out by Plumb Beach but this is really great stuff. How weird is this for synchronicity: I posted about doing the same sort of thing– mudlarking– in London, just around the same time of that Atlas Obscura post.

    I definitely want to go local!

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