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6/13/07 6am

Work in progress for tinlark.


The last daily bird for a while, at least until after the tinlark show.


Rosey will be in the shop at 8PM EST.

* I can’t take little bird orders right now. I wish I could but I’ve got to focus on things for the show and current orders. *

* Cake topper orders are closed for June and July *

* I’m getting off the 6 am photo program. It has served it’s purpose. The super early start is working well but taking the picture is a distraction. *

*Paper mache- I use wheat paste, Golden Harvest wheat paste ( wall paper paste)*

paper mache tea party

Things got so busy around Christmas I never got to photograph Johnson’s Christmas window so here’s a little bit of it now.

* If I owe you an email – sorry and I’m hoping to get entirely caught up over the weekend. *

* I’ll update my shop as soon as I’m caught up on wholesale orders. In the meantime, I’m going to start posting one bird a day next week. More details on that later.*

* Earth Angel Toys has a blog now.*



Isabelle is made from orange silk velvet so old it was almost impossible to sew. I’m not sure where she’s headed yet; I’m working on cake toppers and she might end up a bride. I’m making one for the Valentine’s window at Johnson along with some other Valentiney birds. We’re going to put it up the end of this week. Christmas got so busy I never really properly photographed the Christmas window. I took a few pictures but wasn’t crazy about any of them. There was lots and lots of paper mache including this cruet:


When I bring it all back here I’m going to photograph and post some of the other things.

The Fortitude

This is the Fortitude. She’ll be auctioned (beginning Wednesday the 3rd) in the benefit organized by Lisa, Stephanie, and Gerrie for the Kim family. There’s lot’s of amazing stuff; you can see a preview here.



Her sails are sheer swiss dot salvaged from an edwardian lawn dress and some other vintage bits including pieces of a beautiful aqua, rose and green paisley dress my mother made for herself in the sixties, it’s one of my all time most favorite fabrics.


Happy New Year !

I’ve got good friends

I do, and they really showed up for me on Saturday for THE GIFT on grand. I’ve been working my ass off and had come pretty much unglued by Saturday morning but my amazing pit crew put the whole thing together. So thanks, to each and every one of you, I would have been lost without you. I’m still kinda unglued from the effort of the last couple weeks and my computer is being all slow and weird too so everything is taking me forever including updating my shop. I finally got it done and there are a few new birds there now.

The show on Saturday was great. It was my first time doing anything like that and I wasn’t sure what to expect but it went really well and I learned a lot. Thanks to everybody who came by to say hi and to Sodafine for putting it together.


I’ve been working on wedding cake toppers. The Bride and groom birds in the photo are gone but I should have some new things available by February .


The ship above is my newest “The Fortitude”. I’m going to take and post my customary too many pictures tomorrow.

*Note on the photo below*
That’s the Christmas tree at Grand Army Plaza here in Park Slope.

grand army