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are you spinning your wheels on something? chunk it

hand stitched bat

hand stitched bat

Take my word for it – I’m an expert at being super busy without really accomplishing much.

I don’t know if it’s a seasonal shift or anxiety about how much I’ve got to do right now but I’ve been waking up super early – 5-ish.  Man, those early hours are good. And quiet. I’ve been devoting them to things that have been getting away from me – mostly sewing patterns and kits. It’s amazing  how much is getting done in those small, early chunks of time.

I do so much better – daily schedule-wise –  when I assign blocks of time instead of tasks – it’s all still guided by the big list but it’s way harder to procrastinate and avoid stuff if the commitment is a chunk of time.  It’s also easier to start – less intimidating and once I get passed starting I usually get interested – even in the really dreaded stuff like accounting or editing.

It’s effective  because I always – ALWAYS – overestimate what I can do in a day but usually  underestimate what I can do in an hour. Lately by 8 am after a couple chunks of time devoted to creating pattern documents or illustrations I’m feeling pretty good about what’s done and start my other work with less distraction.

You can read more about all the ways I trick myself into being productive here and here.

6/08/07 6 am


* I want full credit for having gotten up at 5:40 am to take this !expletive! photo. Yahoo had some sort of difficulty early this morning and I am experiencing the special brand of frustration, entirely disproportionate to the circumstance, that only the internet can provide. I am mad at you internet.*

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6 am

I’ll probably regret this but I’m doing it anyway. I have a scary amount to do over the next four weeks and my smartest and most productive hours are between 6 am and 2 pm. I decline steadily after that so to make sure absolutely  none of those precious hours get accidentally slept through (there is no limit to how much I can sleep) I am putting myself on a program. For the next week, ( the next 4 if it works out) monday through friday, I’m going to take a photo at 6 am and post it shortly thereafter. The only possible exception to this rule will be if I have to travel (I have no plans to at this moment) or technical difficulty.

This is lewis (he struggles a little socially).

He is the daily bird for monday – in the shop at 12 PM EST.