6/06/07 6 am


Good morning from arts and crafts boot camp. The daily bird will be in the shop at 4PM EST. I might post a picture here later.


  1. jenny j

    I’ve been trying to get a daily bird but your peoples are too fast for me! Today’s is one of my favorites.

  2. Oh my goodness are those your bird’s feet? Looks like something the cat might leave oh noooo…..
    Hope that daily bird is safe.

  3. jessica

    I love your birds. I am so inspired. I am an art teacher and we make lots of paper mache animals. Last year I started my own bird group, and now after seeing your birds I am going to finish them this summer. Also, you are a great photographer. I love the way you see.
    good morning!

  4. Bill McCabe

    Such a wide variety of work. Very interesting, lots of pictures, not many words, though. Tell us about Junebug.

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