Isabelle is made from orange silk velvet so old it was almost impossible to sew. I’m not sure where she’s headed yet; I’m working on cake toppers and she might end up a bride. I’m making one for the Valentine’s window at Johnson along with some other Valentiney birds. We’re going to put it up the end of this week. Christmas got so busy I never really properly photographed the Christmas window. I took a few pictures but wasn’t crazy about any of them. There was lots and lots of paper mache including this cruet:


When I bring it all back here I’m going to photograph and post some of the other things.


  1. Isabelle is definitely one of my favourites!! Just love the orange velvet and her sweet face!

  2. i like its hair. i like it. i like it. its pretty. maybe i like ann. ann is pretty. i like her brown coat. zoobeedee.

  3. she is beautiful my daughters name is Isabelle too. I can’t wait to see pictures of the valentine birds. The cruet is simply wonderful. I just love everything you make.

  4. can’t wait to see the new flock of personalities. I love Isabelle in her antique orange velvet. And the way all the creations are placed in the appropriate setting. The slide show most impressive. elaine

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