tinsel trading

I stopped at Tinsel Trading yesterday for some cake topper things. I got so overwhelmed by the magnificence of the place and the extraordinary selection of extraordinary things they have I ended up leaving with a fraction of what I needed. I did get some little vintage millinery flowers and peachy glass glitter and inspiration for new things to make.



  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for directing me to this amazing store! Ut-oh, my credit card is in “twubble” now, grasshopper! 🙂

  2. I love your birds and have been looking for glass glitter in Australia…no luck yet 🙁 Love all your designs, gorgeous!

  3. I have just been on a “virtual” tour of that store thanks to your link, it’s amazing so much wonderful stuff. Thanks. And another gorgeous bird.

  4. I have never heard of Tinsel Trading. It is not that far from where I work, I should check it out. I am a devotee to Daytona Trim myself.

  5. Thank you so much for the link, it will be on my must-visit-list next time I am in New York. Where has glass glitter been all my life?

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