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Bertha Whimsy Emerson

This is Bertha Whimsy Emerson.

She’s maybe, probably, gonna be half of a bride and groom pair. The picture below is taken through the view finder of an old Yashica-A camera that belonged to my mother and hasn’t been used in years and years. It still hasn’t really, the picture was taken with my digital cannon of the image in the view finder of the Yashica. If I wasn’t such a tired bird maker I’d tell you all about it, it’s my new favorite thing to do.

There are pictures of the Johnson Christmas window coming soon. Here’s a little preview.


drop back and punt

That’s where I am with the Johnson Christmas window. About 75 % of what I was working on, planning on, failed dismally in the final stages so I started a lot of it over. It’s all working now but I had planned on installing it this morning and instead not one single thing, part or element is actually completely finished, also I need, or would very much like, white paper confetti ( the old timey kind) and I can’t find it, if anybody knows where I can get it in fairly large quantity in NYC I’d be eternally grateful. Here’s a preview for WIP.
Happy Thanksgiving.



Yesterday we put up the halloween window at Johnson. There were chocolate covered pretzels and mini candies and champagne. It was a lovely time indeed. This is the ghost ship, The Antonia, I barely had time to take a picture, some of the paint wasn’t even dry when I got in the cab.



I was in a mad frenzy of making creepy things over the weekend. These bats are made from victorian bits and pieces.



The bats were fun to make, and so was this little spider, I’ll probably make a few more. He’s sitting on an unfinished paper mache mushroom. I had planned on making a bunch of mushrooms but this one took forever.


And here’s the window sort of done. It needs a little more work. Note the creepy sales lady lurking in the backround.



white cranberries

I’m trying to do too many things at once and I’m fully freaked out and panicked. I’m happiest and most productive when I can focus on one thing at a time. If I owe you email sorry, I’ll be on a more even keel thursdayish. I worked all weekend making white cranberries (which are out of season) for an ad. They were fun to make, even in my freaked out state I had a ball making them. The first 50 anyway. The next 150 got a little tedious but the first 50 were a full on party.



The Carolina

I’ve been on fire all day, not sure why. Maybe because I had chocolate cake (really good chocolate cake) for breakfast or because I had no wisdom tooth (which has been a big distraction and bother lately) pain at all today or that I got a lovely package in the mail or all those things combined with what a perfect September day it was – for whatever reason I had an exceptional day. The package was from Lisa ( her fabric give-away) and I love it. It’s all great. I’m going to build a ship around the flowered piece on the left. Thanks very much Lisa, it’s perfect.

And I did finally finish my ship, The Carolina.


Because I am a banana here’s a grainy little movie of it in action. Not much happens it just spins around.

new ship

I finished a ship, but too late to take a proper photo. Here’s a little preview of the new bright pink ship and a couple of the others sailing in through my window.


a ship and a bird

I know this is way too many pictures of one little ship, The Meriwether, but I can’t help it. I get ridiculously excited about things the day they get finished, so in a day or two I’m gonna finish another ship and I’ll probably post too many pictures of that one too. I managed to restrain myself from posting a ton of pictures of that little bird in just about every setting you could imagine a little fabric bird in.



And a little bird. This is my whiplash intro post so I had to include a bird.