1. How wonderful and delicate!

    The fabric on that owl is amazing too… I’m excited for the results!

  2. I adore that teacup and I love the fabric you chose for the owl.
    I have some owls on my ‘to do’ list as well. My ‘to do’ list is so out of hand right now

  3. The cup is lovely – I think papier mache is very underrated as a medium. The potential is there, though, as you demonstrate so beautifully.

  4. I rarely see anything made from papermache and I am so pleased to happen upon your lovely teacup today! Your bird seems to be in pain though. I hope you will help him out. He looks like he will be a most handsome fellow too.

  5. Your sweet little teacup and birdies are my sweetest discovery of the day! So glad I happened upon your work…it is wonderful!

  6. I wonder what you use to form the cup a real cup? or do you do it around a cup and leave it on the cup? It obviously is not a real handel. [I wonder how they would hold up outside.] I am so glad I saw this.

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