johnson holiday window

Johnson 179 Orchard St. Manhattan.


This years holiday window is brought to you by ann wood and dave doernberg. Among other things dave hand cut about a billion beautiful and detailed paper snowflakes. The picture doesn’t really do the flakes ( or the volume of flakes) justice.



Because I can’t help it, one too many


And something else entirely


The little birds in progress above are finished and I just dropped most of them off at Cog and Pearl here in Brooklyn.

* news on the next shop date coming next week*

* if you emailed recently sorry it’s taking a while to get back to you – I should be caught up on correspondence in about a week*


  1. I am going to be in that neighborhood today I must stop by and see your fantastic birds and looks wonderful

  2. That looks truly wonderful and magical like a Holiday window should look, I adore it..maybe it would look good in my window when you are finshed with it! LOL Have a magical day, regards Linda Lilly cottage.

  3. The window-photo inspired me – now I´ve just painted on our window..UTSIKT on one window and INSIKT on the other window…

  4. your birds and ships are the most magical thing ever… i love too the shadows they create!

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