6/13/07 6am

Work in progress for tinlark.


The last daily bird for a while, at least until after the tinlark show.


Rosey will be in the shop at 8PM EST.

* I can’t take little bird orders right now. I wish I could but I’ve got to focus on things for the show and current orders. *

* Cake topper orders are closed for June and July *

* I’m getting off the 6 am photo program. It has served it’s purpose. The super early start is working well but taking the picture is a distraction. *

*Paper mache- I use wheat paste, Golden Harvest wheat paste ( wall paper paste)*


  1. Could you tell us what kind of paper mache mix you use? I haven’t done paper mache in many years and all I can remember is flour and water. There must be something better.

  2. I’d love to know, also. My only experience with paper mache was using newpaper and flour and water goo!!
    Do you use a wall paper paste??

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