new creatures

I’ve been thinking of making some more realistic (or at least reality inspired) creatures, especially shore birds. These are my first : a baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle and a Lesser Yellowlegs.




  1. I’m telling myself that the bird is just investigating the turtle’s lovely shell and not contemplating eating it.

    Wonderful! Lovely! Beautiful! Divine!

  2. i just can’t get enough of your wonderful creations!! i love the look of the lace gathered so tightly together.

  3. extraordinary, as usual. I love the lace for the underside. it adds great texture!

  4. Wow these are amazing.I love the bird it looks like it’s about to move.So much character.

  5. Ahhhh they look great. The textures on the bird is just wonderful!

  6. all of your birds and ships are fabulous! I really love this seabird, the lace feathers on the underside are brilliant, just brilliant.

  7. Ann,
    These are amazing.
    Your ability to inject the animals innate character along with it’s own personality is a rare talent.
    And- your workmanship is impeccable.
    Thank-you for sharing your work with us, you are such an inspiration.

  8. What they said. 🙂 I love the bird just as it is, but I did wonder what would happen if the fabric that forms the wings was a little faded, just a touch lighter than the body fabric? Anyway, they’re both WONDERFUL. The lace is inspired!

  9. Completely amazing. I love the realistic animal idea, and these particular animals are wonderful. The lace body is making me want to cuss it’s so awesome. You have mad skillz, Ann.

  10. Absolutely beautiful…love the detail with the lace. Just gorgeous!

  11. Hi Anne, your work is so authentic I am sooo in aw about it!
    I visit often and will continue to do so on a daily basis to sniff in some of your creation fairy dust.Many many greetings from Holland

  12. Feh'seis

    Ann-Very Very beautiful. For me I would like to know is boy or is girl for the bird…and why for the frog not ascared to the bird?

  13. love the new bird so much, shore birds are our favorite…and yes, I’m sure he’s just making friends with the turtle : )

  14. I have just found your site, my goodness – i love it all so much! Have marked you a favourite, you are so talented. Such a lovely blog and shop. Renee x

  15. gorgeous! first time i’m looking at your blog so i better read a bit more before i ask all the obvious questions, like what is it made from? how long did it take? are there patterns or tutorials…

  16. Simply amazing. I’ve just found photos of your work and I’m blown over by your talent. These are just beautiful.

  17. this is so beautiful and precious and delicate. we love the color palette of these pieces. and ann is particularly fond of turtles. just lovely.

  18. i absolutely love this. i think the idea of trying to mimic the texture with something completely unlike a bard…wonderful. i love how delicate your work is and how strong it looks at the same time. words escape me at the moment, but wow.

    i don’t know if i ever commented before to mention adrian heinrich, an artist that i apprenticed with while i was in school. she made lots of stuff out of thin wooden strips that she soacked in water and made bigger than lifesized figure of women over a 1800’s dressform and then cut it of and did whatever with. she also made enormous canoes in the same method, but used translucent paper over the wood and hung them in trees in croups as an installation. just amazing. your worker is…cleaner, more delicate than hers, but equally as amazing.

    carry on!

  19. just beautiful. the lace detail for his ruff of chest feather is fabulous!

  20. Wonderful, I’m curious, how do you make the mouth ?
    How do you make it onto the head ?
    Greeting Shanti

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