spiders and birds

I’m making lots of new birds and I’m planning on a little shop update soon.


Some spiders in progress :

It looks like they’re having a little brawl, a spider melee.


Most of these things are going to lovely Cog and Pearl in Brooklyn.


  1. Dear Ann,
    I have told you this before,but these critters are amazing!
    I signed up for your newsletter and to the cog and pearl shop.
    Can’t wait to see what is next!
    Many dutch greetings Desirée

  2. Hi lady,
    I absolutely love your makings and turn to it your blog for comfort and an aesthetic fix.
    remember when we played frisbee?

  3. found you via craftzine….i am swooning over everything here. gorgeousness!

  4. I love your work! I especially love the graceful curls of these spiders’ legs. Wonderful! You’re an inspiration.

  5. hi
    such a treat to see your blog and creations
    a customer friend pointed me your way
    cannot wait to see more
    xxoo jen

  6. good to see the birds again. but i love that you are doing insects too…hope to see more, and other species.

  7. i love the birds!!! how talented
    you really capture it-so many people try and fail-but you have done it.
    they look fabulous on the shelf too

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