the first ever sew-along : make a crow (or raven)

One of the great things about a sew-along is it gives you a container, some structure, for a project you might have on your someday list. It breaks it down into manageable pieces and those milestones create momentum. Plus the fun of working on something with lots of other people, the extra motivation and  inspiration that comes with that. And you get insight and tips that go beyond the pattern. We can take deeper dives into stuff like fabric choice, sewing tips and details.

handmade textile crow on a table with stones, cermaic vessels, plants and crystals- there is an antiquey feel

October is a perfect month to make a crow (or raven) and the first ever! ann wood handmade sew-along begins on Friday September 30th 2022. That gives you (and me) two whole weeks to get your stuff together.

A great way to start is the box method.  An actual container. Everything I make starts in a box and lives there until it’s done. The boxes are for organization and they are also a thinking tool. Most importantly a way to start, it is very easy to put things in a box.

In the sew-along posts I won’t be recreating every step of the pattern but I will be demonstrating some steps with further detail and tips. Also if you are participating and tagging on instagram, your progress photo might get featured.

Please use #annwoodcrowsewalong and #annwoodpattern . And – also optional -there’s a facebook group you can join here.

what you’ll need to participate:


sewing pattern for a realistic crowget the pattern button

The crow pdf sewing pattern (sorry booklets are not currently available)

Some time – the sew-along will take place over 4 weeks. I’ll give you a schedule on the kick off day (9/30) of what needs to be accomplished each week. Plan on having 2 – 4 -ish hours per week to work on your crow steps.

The pattern contains a material list but a couple notes:

Fabric – For the body a medium weight cotton is ideal. Scraps of silk and velvet work well for feathers and details. Incorporate different shades to give the feathers iridescence – very dark blues, green and purples work well.

Old or vintage clothes are great – suits, lace, prints over-dyed with black would be cool. And speaking of prints, your body fabric does not need to be solid. I used a calico print for the crow in the pattern. Most important is to have a variety of sheen, textures and tones.

textile crow on a pink table next to a pile of black scraps from victorian garments

Really old garments are interesting and inspiring to work with, lots of pleats and trims etc. Ebay is a good source and there is a helpful link in the crow pattern to a specific search category that I’ve been using for years. If you are persistent you can pick up damaged antique garments for not too much money that make great feathers.

There are resource links in the pattern for a couple supplies that are out of stock. I don’t currently have an alternative source for the paper covered wire for feet so we will use the alternative method included in the pattern and make our own. You can find the 18 gauge wire you’ll need in most hardware stores. And floral tape is available in lots of places online and in most big craft stores.

Let’s get inspired! Checkout a few crows made from the pattern.

handmade crow posed on a pink upholstered chair in a forest

Meg McElwee (sew liberated) wrote a beautiful post about her experience stitching her crow – check it out here.

And more awesome crows below – links to the makers where possible.


1. by Maralee, 2. by Brandi, 3.  by Amy, 4. by Donna 5. by Elizabeth

Are you feeling inspired to stitch a crow? Gather your materials and check back on September 30th for the first sew-along post. If you feel like sharing your material gathering I’d love to see -please use  #annwoodcrowsewalong and #annwoodpattern on instagram. There’s also a facebook group – you do not have to join to participate but you can if you like – find it here.

sew along links:  week one     week two     week three      week 4


  1. Have started the gathering and purchased the pattern. Would love to join!

  2. Carla Fajardo

    Hello, how exciting. I am interested in doing this crow sew along. I will gather materials 🙂

  3. Susan Roberts

    I have had this pattern for a few years and have the pieces cut out. If the time of day works I would love to share the process with others. Thank you, Susan

    • Great! It’s not a live event so you can work whenever you like – we just try to maintain the same pace and finish together. And in the weekly posts you can ask questions ore share tips in the comment section . Plus if you like you can tag and share your progress on instagram. I hope you join us and finish your crow!

      • Will the posts be up for a bit? I would miss the first week due to travel for my daughter’s wedding. But I’d really like to do this and would devote the time for catching up.

        • Hi Jona – The blog posts will stay up on the blog so you can catch up and participate as your able. I hope you can join!

  4. Jeanette Smith

    It was love at first sight. I am very excited to begin this beautiful fabric sculpture.

  5. Robin Brady

    I would love to join. I have had the crow pattern for a while. Will there be a special group page on Facebook or a place to sign up other than just reading the blog posts?

    • Hi Robin – you can use the instagram tags to share progress photos and I had not though of a facebook group but I think it’s a great idea- I’ll look into it for sure.

      • I think a Facebook group would be great. I think they’re more focussed for group projects than is Instagram.

  6. Oh, I think I need to join in on this one – I’ve always wanted to make this pattern. The timing is pretty good, too!

    • I hope you do! This is an especially fun and satisfying project to put together!

  7. Julie Graber

    This sounds like so much fun! Are the feet something we make, or are they purchased?

  8. Jeanne Wright

    Will you have any zoom gatherings as part of the sew along? Love your inspiration. Thank you.

    • Hi Jeanne – great question – i’m not sure. I’m a zoom rookie. Also the number of people participating is way more than I was expecting. I am going to explore the possibility though – it would be such fun.

  9. I’d love to sew along with you. I’ve got the pattern and have way too many bits of material. I’m so excited!

  10. Camilla La Mer

    I have materials and pattern beckoning to me from my closet for way too long!!! My crow wants to fly! Count me in!
    Camilla La Mer
    Boulder, CO

  11. Dianne Talley

    I am so excited about this! I have purchased the pattern, and I know I have lots of interesting fabric scraps to use, including velveteen and wool gauze. Looking forward to learn how to make the feet!

  12. Hi Ann!
    I’m so inspired; and happy to have you as a guide and a gentle nudge to get to work! I just purchased the pattern and will begin collecting my materials. I have a stack of old silk ties in dark, moody colors (somewhere) with proper stripes and patterns as well as bits of wool and suiting. This is perfect timing. Can’t wait!

    Many thanks from another Ann…

  13. Linda Barrett

    I would love to take part in this.. Have the pattern for ages and its on my ever growing to do list… Need this to make me actually do it!

  14. What a cool idea, thats what I need right now to find my way back to autumn related activity after lot of work in summer (swift rehab). I made some owls last year and it was so much fun!

  15. I will be joining in. I love this pattern and am very excited to get started. The only thing I would ask is that the information not be posted entirely on Facebook. Instagram or your blog would be preferable.


    I have previously purchased the pattern. May I join this sew-a-long? If so sign me up. Can’t wait.

    • Absolutely – just look for the first post on Friday9/30. Thank you!

  17. Lynne Nicoletti

    I’ve enjoyed making many of your little Forest Folk to give to young nieces and nephews at Christmas and birthdays. I’ve also had a great time making your Little Mushrooms to hang year-round in my sewing/painting/bookmaking room (in the Winter, they’re relocated to hang, as a swag across, our fireplace). As you can see, I love making little things.
    With help from your exceptional pattern-writing skills and your new sew-along, I’m looking forward to spreading my wings a little and making my own gorgeous crow.
    Thank you, Ann.

    • Thanks so much Lynne! That’s so kind of you. You’ve totally got crow making – it’s gonna be such fun!

  18. How funny, after having the pattern for ever, I just finished my Crow but I’m thinking of making another. I drilled a hole in her beak so she could hold a charm on a red thread. I really enjoyed making it. I tagged you on Instagram when I posted it but my account janeebeemuse is private so perhaps you are unable to see it.

  19. I am a little confused — how do we join this sew-along? I’m very excited about it!

    • I’m so glad you’re joining! Its super simple – you need the pattern and materials. The first post will be September 30th. all you have to do is start working. If you’d like to ask questions or share tips you can do that in the post comments. If you’d like to share photos on instagram you can use the hashtags at the end of this post. Plus bonus stuff – I think there will be a facebook group (as soon as I figure that out) and maybe more.

      • Ann — If you’d like me to set up, or help you set up, a FB group for the project I’d be happy to help. I’ve set up and moderated several groups.

      • Will the first post arrive via email? I guess that’s really my question!

        • Hi Brigid – Yes – the first one will be in a newsletter – the others might not – just check in on Fridays. Thanks for participating!

  20. Sharon Pires

    This autumn I am on a crow kick, so count me in! Very excited!

  21. debspiritoftheart

    Yeah, I love Ravens and crows, brought the pattern, and have most of the fabric already in my raven box…..looking forward to September 30th.

  22. After stitching along with Ann last Spring to make the stitchbook this is just the nudge I need.
    I already have the pattern and I’d love to join in and make a crow. Count me in too!

  23. Heather Smith

    This is perfect! My poor crow has been in pieces on my work table for months. I swore I was going to get him done in October and now I will. I have a fairly good head start. It won’t be quite as fun as making it in Paducah with you would have been, but maybe the next best thing I guess. Have you considered buying Kristin’s studio and moving to Kentucky? Just kidding, sorta.

  24. How exciting. I’ve had the pattern for sometime now. I love ravens and crows. This just might be what I need to get going. Thank you!

  25. Ann, I’m sharing the notice on the FB group called “The Fellowship of the Crow” to see if others there might also want to join! I hope to be sewing along with the project (although I’m still working on my sewn book!). cheers, leslie

  26. Cathy McMullan

    Yes, please I would love to do this. I’ve just started my first one. I’m using linen, velvet and wool, all different shades of black.

  27. I’ve had the pattern for a long time. This would be the perfect to nudge me into finally making it. I too work out of boxes. I have a lot of boxes and smaller projects in those heavy weight paper bags with cord handles.

    On the hunt for a suitable box to start filling.

  28. This is awesome! I purchased the pattern after seeing Meg’s post on Sew Liberated. We have crows nesting every year in a row of very large mixed evergreens in our yard. Some years we protect a baby that spends a few days on the ground after not quite getting the flying thing. This year we had “Millenial Crow” who didn’t want to leave home and complained and complained to his parents all summer. Drove my husband to distraction. The crow I stitch will be in honour of Millenial Crow and will appear in my husband’s Christmas stocking. By the way, Millenial Crow appears to have successfully mastered all things crow and has stopped complaining.

  29. Chandelle Soriano

    I have wanted to make this crow for a while. I want to join the sew a long.

  30. Nikki Perkins

    How great , I purchased the pattern a year or so ago and sorted some old clothes that I would dye and then life got in the way ! So this is a great chance to make a Raven. Off I go now to sort the fabrics out and get them dyed see you on the 30th

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks so much! Did you check your spam folder? Emails with links can sometimes land there. The email was sent to the gmail address on the order.

      The download link is in the column on the right hand side of the email. I’ll also email the pattern as an attachment in a moment.

      Thanks again!


  31. Cathy Thomson

    I have a daughter that lives in East Vancouver, British Columbia and it is very populated by crows. I can’t wait to make one to give to her as a gift.

  32. Jill Morgan

    I will join you all making this crow. I bought the pattern, and that’s as far as I got!
    Perfect timing for me. I’m moving to the country with extended family next week and will have time to settle down and do a project!

  33. Sarah Jackson

    I am so excited about this! I will be the first project I’ve worked on since I broke my arm, February 18.

  34. Hi, this is so great! I had so much fun making Mr. Socks and the tiny rag doll. Gave them as gifts.
    Had a question what day will you be posting the weeks assignment?
    Thanks for sharing your creative gifts.

  35. Debi McManus-Plett

    Bought the pattern in February….perfect timing.
    Love to join in.
    Super excited…You Rock

  36. Yes – I’ve had the pattern for a while and needed the ‘push’ to get going, really looking forward to it.

  37. Sandra Ormandy

    Woo-hoo- I’ve so wanted to make your awesome crow but so far have never made the time. Working in a group may be just the nudge I need. Count me in 🙂

  38. Julia Threlfall-Dayus

    Ive looked and looked at this pattern so this is the push I’ve needed. I’ll buy today and start collecting. Ive made lots of toadstools from your pattern and shared them out with friends. Everyone loved them. X

  39. Annie Littlewolf

    Just bought the pattern! Joining you and the others on the sew-along! Geading now to grab a box and begin collecting!

  40. Bought pattern, found a box lol to hold everything and so far a couple of scraps to work with. Excited to do this! Thank you!

  41. Absolutely joining in. I’m looking forward to having a plan! I adore the figures I see on your site and have wanted to try to create something. So, this will be it! Thank you for offering a sew along.

  42. Cheryl M Strong

    I’m in! I have abandoned Facebook, but will add along in IG.

  43. Lise Hamilton

    Bought the pattern ,made a few crows….but keep giving them away and promising one to others.!!
    But doing nothing, just hoarding black fabric.
    This is a perfect time to get back into it. Looking forward to the sharing and ideas. Count me in!

  44. I purchased this pattern when it was first released and have been wanting to make it forever. This is just what I need. I’m off to hunt fabric!

  45. Kim Knapton

    I also bought the pattern a while ago and would love to join to finally complete it !
    Thank you

  46. Karen Engelbretson

    Hi Ann And everyone. I’ve had the crow pattern for some time and this is just the thing to motivate the making of it. I’m in. Thanks very much!

  47. Thank you so much Ann!

    I’ve had my crow pattern forlornly sitting in a box for almost two years. Untouched. Well, I do fondle the pattern occasionally imagining my finished friend or a maybe a flock?

    This is exactly what I needed and am so excited.

    Again, thank you so much be being an inspiration and motivator.

    See you on the 30th!

  48. Jennifer Bachhofer

    I purchased this pattern some time ago, but I haven’t had a chance to start on it. I’m excited to start now!

  49. Nancy Sherman

    I bought your crow pattern a few months ago, but never started it. I am a huge crow lover and have several other crow lover friends. If I could manage to make 1 for myself, would like to make a couple for special gifts. Really looking forward to this!

  50. I think I have your pattern and I really want to join in. I’m insanely busy until after Oct long weekend but I want to make it work.

  51. I bought the pattern and I’m on my way to start collecting materials. Thanks so much for having this sew along!

    Darcy Berg

  52. Holy Smokes! My friends and I were just trying to work out if we could do our own bird sew along but this is perfect! I need to make a pile of Ravens to surprise my partner with!

  53. Patty Brenner

    I love this idea! I have so many projects on my want-to-do list that I get overwhelmed and don’t know how to overcome the inertia to get started. I am off to purchase the crow pattern and have a box ready for it 🙂 And now I have something specific to look for as I do my thrift shopping and estate saling, lol

  54. I have watched and lurked here in the background for years. I guess it’s time to come out of the shadows and play! You are literally starting this the Friday before my knee surgery on the Monday. I won’t be able to be in the garden for weeks, so this is just the thing to keep me contentedly working this fall. Picking up that pattern now, and Thank you!

  55. OOOOHHHHHHH a crow! Im so in, can’t wait to hunt and gather my materials….this is exciting, and the perfect time – fall is upon us ; ). showing our work in progress and final crows on Instagram is wonderful-for all of us who don’t have Facebook. Looking forward to getting started – yeah the crow!

  56. Ann Bataille

    I am looking forwards to set along, but I can start in oktober because I am still in italy and the patarn is in belgium. I hope I can catch up.

  57. Sheila Bassett

    Count me in, I love the crow, it’s been on my to-do list since I first saw it!

  58. Oh yes, I’m in! I have a stash of antique black velvet clothing and trims.

  59. Barb Flowers

    I will be traveling to a koi show in Fresno that weekend. Is it possible to leave the first epsidoe up so I can follow along. I noticed that this question was asked previously, but no reply. Hopefully, I will be able to participate.

    • Hi Barb, – This is not a live event – the blog posts will stay up and you can participate in your own time. Also- I’m one person and there are already over 80 comments – it’s gonna take a bit to work through them. I hope you can join!

  60. I have this pattern filed away in my folder of ‘to do’ projects. I have always wanted to make a standing crow. I will start to collect fabrics in readiness for the sew along. I may not be able to join live as I live in the UK, but hopefully I can follow along in my time.

    • Hi Ellen- so glad you can join and no worries on timing – it’s not live so you can go with timing that works for you – i’ll be leaving the blog posts up.

  61. Hello Ann, I would love to join. I have had the crow pattern for a while.

  62. Hello Ann, I have purchased this pattern a while ago and now will be gathering ingredients together. I really appreciate this sew along as a motivational ‘get on and make this crow.’ Although here in Australia mine will be called a raven.

  63. I’ve had my pattern for a bit as well, and I’m excited to join in

    Thank you

  64. I immediately started gathering materials! I’ve always wanted to make one and am so excited to start.

  65. I have previously ordered the pattern, and even have the material sitting in a box! This will be a great prompt for me to follow through on making this crow!

  66. Brenda Simoneau

    I love your botanical experiments – the flowers with their bulbs. Do you have directions for them? I don’t find them in your patterns to buy nor for free. Would love to have them!

    • Hi Brenda – thank you! I’ve taught those as workshops but there is no pattern. I will definitely make one soon.

  67. Brenda Simoneau

    I have the crow/raven pattern! The box method sounds like a great way to get started and stay on track. Thanks for the inspiration.

  68. I bought the pattern this summer with hopes to have it done by October! What perfect timing for me! Would love to join along!!

  69. Renée Fisher

    The Crow I made just won a Blue Ribbon at The State Fair of Texas in the category: Soft Sculptures!!! I loved the whole process of making it and will certainly be joining the group to create another one! Thanks, Ann, for a great pattern and for always keeping me inspired!

  70. I will most definitely be joining you and the group. I’ve had the pattern for a few months and I’m ready to get started! I may make a murder of crows. You can’t have just one.

  71. Robin Harris

    I just bought the pattern! Can’t wait to start gathering things and putting them in my box. I love the idea of a sew along!

  72. Cindy Cooksey

    I’m in! I bought the pattern and am printing it now. I’ve been wanting to make a raven out of all the black masks that have been dropped on the ground near the local junior high school, left as trash. Some have been cut up by lawn mowers and it looks like feathers. Thanks for designing the fabulous pattern and setting up a sew along.

  73. I would love to join. Just purchased your pattern and now to fill my box.

  74. I’d would like to give it a try. Thank you for offering this sew along!

  75. This sounds great! I will start gathering fabrics and would love to join in the fun.

  76. Terry Wilson

    Wow! There are a lot of excited Corvid lovers here. It’s great. I have also had this pattern printed for quite some time and have slowly been collecting fabrics so this is wonderful timing. I have many Ravens where I live with a pair that frequent my compost piles, so a raven it will be. Can’t wait to see everyone’s work.

  77. Really looking forward to this. I have the pattern and have made a few crow/ravens but so excited to learn more and make with other like minded folk

    • Right? It’s gonna be fun and I love that we’re about to add a whole bunch of textile crows to the world.

  78. Yes, please! I had to check my emails to see if I had the pattern, yes! I’ve been gathering fabrics for Owl and several will do for Crow, too. I’m glad you’ve given us time to gather our fabric stash.

  79. amanda randall

    Yes please, just had my pattern looking forward to starting the project have wanted to make a bird for ages have bought books but still not got the foggiest how to begin. Hopefully I’ll finally get it!

  80. My last name is Crowder so this is the perfect first sew along project for me!

  81. I’m in! Been wanting to make one of these for ages so this is perfect motivation. Can’t wait!

  82. I’m excited to finally use my pattern!! My owl has been getting lonely…a crow would make an excellent friend!

  83. Yay! This should be great fun! I just purchased the pattern, downloaded and printed it. I will start collecting materials today and I might just have everything I need. Thank you, Ann! It looks like this is going to be a huge group. Maybe more sew-alongs in the future?
    I have many of your patterns and have made ships, owls, tiny dolls and many of their accessories.
    What fun and joy you bring to so many people.

    • Thanks so much Judy! I think this will be fun. And hopefully it will go well and we can have lots more sew-alongs. The group is much larger than I anticipated it would be and it’s pretty exciting that so many people are interested in sharing ideas and motivating each other!

  84. Henriet Ferguson

    Lentil “meat”balls
    I just made some with a slightly different recipe: I guess halving the amount of lentils will help them stick together, besides adding an egg or two. Very good eating!

  85. I too have had the pattern for quite awhile, but have had an overwhelming 2 years. It will be good to have an incentive to just sit and sew for a few hours a week.

  86. Maralee Childs

    Hi Ann! I hate to add another comment. You have so many to read already! But I just had to say how honored I am to have my crow on your blog and right under Meg’s. It’s such a small world. I am currently taking several classes from Sew Liberated. They’re amazing. But I think I could squeeze in time for a third crow with all these delightful people. Count me in!

  87. Hello from Belgium. I would like to join too. Gathering the essentials for my box and looking forward to make it with you and everyody else. <3

  88. Dear Ann. What a wonderful idea you have got: making a lot of people all over the World working with the same subjekt at the same time!!! It’s at peaceful and loving way of uniting. I have the pattern and I am looking forward to get started here in Denmark

  89. Aaaarrrkkkk! Aaaaaarrrrkkkkkk! AAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrk-k-k!
    I’m in to honour the spirit of Old Man Crow

  90. Hi – Thank you for offering this sew-along! I bought the pattern and I’m gathering all the materials and supplies listed. I’m excited to join in!

  91. I’ve had Ann’s crow pattern for a while, but it’s been sitting in a bin in storage as I moved 3 times in the last 1 1/2 years. It’s time for me to reconnect to my creative self and for the crow to come alive and fly, so I will be joining the sew-along! Starting to gather my fabric and thread. Looking forward to this adventure.

  92. Marni Robins Strong

    HI There Ann, got the pattern – please include me in this entertaining trip! I started the Owl (double sized) a few years ago, but he’s been resting on a shelf right for a while… Maybe I’ll do a crow and finish the owl! This sounds like so much fun!

    best regards!

  93. I really want to play along! I will try to keep up, but I’m out of town the first week and a half of October. Going in search of a project box to fill to take with me.

  94. I would like to join the sew along! Just ordered my pattern!

  95. Yay! I am going to join the sew-along too! Thanks for organizing this Ann, and inspiring so many of us to sew a big-ol’ murder of crows together 🙂

  96. What a great idea!
    Have bought the pattern, found a box and have started gathering:)

  97. I’m excited to join in this project. I can’t wait to get started. I bought the pattern when it first came out.

  98. I have this pattern and this propels me to finally bring it to life! Thank you! I’m not exactly sure how to tune into the gatherings? Thank you, Ann! Sounds so fun. I will begin digging through my ‘stash’ of antique bits & pieces in the morning!
    Jan Barber

  99. Hazel knight

    Just bought the pattern I’m about to retire so the timing is perfect. Now to do some serious rummaging in my fabric boxes, I’m challenging myself to only use what I have.( I have loads so not really difficult)
    Hazel knight

  100. I’d love to join as well. I purchased the pattern awhile ago. Looking forward to this! Thank you.

  101. I would like to join too . And it starts just in time because I will be home from my vacation on the first of October. This will be so much fun!

  102. I am hoping to join in too, and will love to watch everyone’s work – will go back and see if you have a hashtag designated for this sewalong. Thank you Ann, this is fabulous x

  103. Can’t wait to start. I’m starting to gather material in a box and I have purchased the pattern. Ingibjörg from

  104. Question about the pattern — should the main body pieces be aligned on the grain of the fabric the way they appear in the photos of the instructions?



  105. gayle m coots

    I purchased the pattern over a year ago and you’re right – it’s a someday project. Thank you for making this my next project!! I will check in on the 30th. I’m very happy and will start my box tonightl.

  106. Bambi Krieg

    Hi Ann,
    My sister and I will be participating – we are looking forward to this fun time. Now, we will start to gather our fabric,

    Thank you for putting this together for all of your “fans” out here 🙂

  107. Micki Sparr

    Just purchased the pattern and am gathering supplies. I had seen this pattern and wanted to make it but was intimidated by the complexity. With some tips and working along with others – even virtually – should help me understand the construction and keep me going. Thanks so much for offering this fun sew-a-long

  108. I have the pattern and fabric picked out. There are 2 Ravens that visit by backyard to eat the bird suet and have a drink. I am making these in their honor. I’m in Arizona

  109. Yes! I wish to join the sew- along.
    We have a family of crows that entertain us daily and hang out with the sheep.
    I already have the pattern !!


    Yes!! One of the few patterns of yours I do not yet own, getting it today. Am very happy to join this sew-along, so perfect for the fall season. Hello from Boulder, CO where I’ve seen many crows/ ravens in the trees and on the rooftops.

  111. I just purchased pattern (and the owl, 2 grandkids lol)
    Can’t wait to start! I just retired so I’ll have time for fun sewing!
    Recently made your adorable wired doll bed 🙂

  112. Erinn Larsen

    My son (10) and I went to Oakland’s Depot for Creative Reuse and got some fantastic scraps of black fabrics, some iridescent and some patterned. He wants to make one as well! We’ll be following along!

  113. Bettsi Ledesma

    What fun! I have yet to make my whale, sailboat and merry warbler, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to “sew along”!

  114. Henny van Tussenbroek

    Hi Ann, what a lovely idea! I bought the pattern 1 year? 2 years? ago and would like to join the sew along.

  115. Jenny Eisch

    Count me in Ann! I’ve made 4 song birds, 1 owl and now a crow. My house is being filled with birds!

  116. Count me in! I’ve always wanted to make the crow. Perfect timing for a great Halloween decoration…hopefully I’ll end up with a murder of crows!

  117. Beverly Dyck

    Yes I want to join! I don’t really know how to use Instagram, but can I follow on Facebook and through email?

  118. Randi Morgan

    Hi Ann, I’m in and have the pattern and collecting fabric. This should be fun.

  119. Hi Ann,
    I just bought the pdf pattern and I’m interested in joining the sew along. Love the crow and am excited to be part of it!

  120. Janet Little

    Ann…your crow always catches my eye. I’m in. First sew along ever. Luck to us all ~ ‘as the crow flies.’

  121. I would like to join too please. I have made your kitties before and adore your birdies. Can’t wait to try this crow!

  122. I am excited to start another bird! I love your patterns and have made quite a few for gifts. I love this crow, and will start a box and gather some vintage laces and textiles to dye! What an interesting project. Let’s do this!

  123. Got my pattern! Sourcing my fabrics! I’m taking this along solo camping with me. I’m crazy excited to begin!

  124. I’m so excited to make this crow! I’ve admired these guys for years but was so intimidated by the process that I just didn’t do it. Not anymore! Putting on my cape of determination and jumping in on this opportunity! Thank you for this doing this sew-along.

  125. Libby Bradford

    I’m joining! I have made one crow but a new version in a sew along sounds fun. My pattern doesn’t seem to mention your favorite places to get vintage fabric. Can you repost here or send? Thanks!
    See you soon!

    • Hi Libby-Thanks for joining! Please check the resources page in your pdf pattern for the link – it’s there.

  126. Sharon LaCrosse

    Ann, I am not on any social media apps or FB. How can I see what you are up to with the sew along? Via your website?
    I have made the owl and song birds and love, love this method of slow stitching. I have had the pattern for months. This is great incentive.

    • Hi Sharon – Yup – the weekly posts will be on the blog so you are all set. Facebook and instagram are totally optional. thanks fo joining!

  127. Rosemarie DeBoer

    Count me in! I’ve had the pattern and a box of interesting black fabric for about a year. Time to get going.

  128. Bought the pattern, dug through the stash and treasure hunted a few too! Looking forward to crow-ing along!

  129. I purchased the pattern some time ago and am anxious to get this underway. Need to gather the supplies as Time is nigh!

  130. Vicki Miller

    I am hoping to join in. Let’s see if I can finish it. Will it all be hosted on this blog?

  131. Sandi Lochala

    I will be trying to participate…will be playing “catch up” since I have a Craft Sale Oct 1 to which I am already committed. But…I do have the pattern printed out and on my work table along with fabrics. Waiting on some items to be delivered that I did not have in stock. I have a feeling there will be more than one crow in my future

  132. Just in case my original email went astray, please add my name to the crow-along

  133. Holly Tanner Strauss

    I’ve had my crow pattern for a while now and have yet to get around to , like black birds I have shiny object syndrome. I see so many wonderful art techniques and projects I want to try. I’ve managed to watercolor a crow and have it hanging up at Blicks Art in Portland OR. Where. I work and it’s quite impressiv how many people live crows. I think you Erich a long is a fabulous idea and I’m not working tomorrow 9/30 yeah I can play along

    • Holly Tanner Strauss

      Sorry weird typos in my comment hopefully you catch the sentiments

  134. Holly Tanner Strauss

    I’ve had my crow pattern for a while now and have yet to get around to , like black birds I have shiny object syndrome. I see so many wonderful art techniques and projects I want to try. I’ve managed to watercolor a crow and have it hanging up at Blicks Art in Portland OR. Where. I work and it’s quite impressiv how many people live crows. I think you Erich a long is a fabulous idea and I’m not working tomorrow 9/30 yeah I can play along @hollytanner.strauss

  135. Shirley Martin

    Please add me to the crosses along, sorry this is so late, I missed the bit where we had to leave a comment to join! So looking forward to this. Xx

  136. Aileen Courtney

    Love to join in – sorry also missed the bit where I needed to comment. All read – box filled, pattern printed, Facebook group joined and ready to go!

  137. I’m planning to see along!
    When I went hunting through my fabric stash, I discovered I don’t have many choices for black! And I have quite a large collection of fabrics!
    I tried spraying a few fabrics with a permanent black spray. I hope they dry as dark as they are wet….waiting yet.

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