glamping with very nice mice

little handmade mice with a feed sack tent on a camping trip

The admiral, mrs. croft and friends set out on a holiday camping adventure over the labor day weekend. They are, of course, glampers. The kind of mice who feel a chandelier, china, carpets and a proper bed are bare necessities. (PS – note on the photo – the fire is pretend- photoshopped in)

fabric mice preparing their camp site

Do you know some very nice mice who love to camp?

The little tent is made from this free pattern with some adjustments. Print the pattern at 85% and cut out on the cut line. I did not sew it. It’s just one layer of fabric (a vintage feedsack I’ve been saving for just this sort of occasion). The edges are raw. It took about 5 minutes to make.

The mice are made from another free sewing pattern.

a tiny table for mice set with miss matched mini china

The diy for the little dishes is right here.

The wire bed diy is here and the mini chandelier is here. and some more mouse house details here.

Have your very nice mice had adventures? Let us know in the comments.


  1. My very nice mice like to lounge in the shade of the little mushrooms .

  2. My little mice have been camping all summer. They only recently packed their tent away so they can get ready for a big move. Ahhh new campgrounds to explore! Oh, my grandson helped in setting up the campsite and he thought they needed s’mores. So a toothpick, tiny bit of dark cork square and a very tiny white Pom Pom did the trick. ( I wish I could add a photo , but I don’t know how)

    • Thanks Barbara. The smore idea is genius. I’d love to see. There is no way to upload photos here but you can tag photos on instagram with #annwoodpattern or email a photo to info at ann wood handmade dot com.

  3. michelle captain

    I downloaded the nice move pattern and I have to say they are soooo sweet!! I do have a question, which end is the head and which end is the bottom? The second one I sewed I felt the top really was the bottom or I am cutting and not sewing in deep enough of seam allowance. Help! Haha their heads seem too big and the bottoms can’t make them stand up by themselves.

    • Hi Michelle – please take a closer look at the tutorial – especially step 4 which refers to the nose. And re- standing on their own – sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t – you can put a little weight in the bottom to help – a couple pennies work well.

      • michelle captain

        Thank you Ann
        I will try the pennies! I also will look at the steps again. I know it me not getting something right lol. Probably bc they are so stinking cute and I was excited to make some cute mice!!

  4. I’m in love with this mouse glamming. Where have I been , I’ve not visited your site in some time. I’m in %Maine at our home here. There is a trail through the pine tree laden woods and a section where folks make little houses out of found items. When I walk through, I often put fallen. Buts from abodes back I place ,,, I need to make my own w pine one mice, mica from the beac rocks and…. yum. JUdy D

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