first ever zoom workshop, fabric boats and the last 3 stitch book pages

There’s a lot of news! The first ever zoom workshop,  fabric boat progress, the next art work update, a new notecard,  plus we are down to the last 3 stitch book pages and, by popular demand , the cardboard house measurements.

zoom workshop

Let’s start with the zoom. We’ll be making seedpods! The workshop is hosted online by my friends at French General. You can find all the details and sign up here.

The seedpod is one of my favorite classes to teach and I’ve done it in person many times here and in France. This will be my first zoom! With hopefully lots more to follow. You’ll learn a bunch about soft sculpture and the result is pretty spectacular.

click here for info and registration 

Checkout some workshop seedpods below:

textile seed pods


the cardboard house

The cardboard house was made without any real planning and not that much measuring… It’s wonky and a bit uneven. There will not be a tutorial or pattern for it but there is a post with building tips and because lots of people have asked I’ve added the approximate measurements below. I hope that helps and good luck with your cardboard house!

  • measurements are in inches:
  • across bottom – 11.5
  • ceiling/floor – 13.25
  • wall height – 9.5
  • roof – 13
  • and the depth is – 8.75

uppercase magazine

This week’s newsletter was sponsored by uppercase magazine. UPPERCASE is an always gorgeous quarterly print magazine for the creative and curious. The newest issue is all about surface pattern design, featuring the portfolios of 100 artists plus in-depth features with cover artist and fabric designer Anna Maria Horner as well as designers e bond, Kitty McCall, Mirth Studios and more. I’m a huge fan of Janine and uppercase was a contributor to the stitch illo volume.


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the fabric sailboat sew-along

I haven’t made a fabric sailboat in quite a while and had to follow my own directions closely. I’m happy to report they are excellent. My parts are nearly assembled and the hull is taking shape. The hulls are made from fabric and batting over cereal box cardboard. I’m always amazed at what graceful shapes a simple cardboard armature can make.

While the mast is drying in place I’m working on sails and flags. Next week I’ll make a passenger. I’m leaning towards wobblers… The sweet boats below are made by readers – 1. Terry Wilson and 2. Lindsey Bass. So adorable! if you’re making a fabric sailboat please use #annwoodregatta to share.


a couple more studio notes

The next art update is 4/20 at noon eastern time, you can sign up for an email notification here. Lot’s of small paintings and depending on the kiln situation there might be a couple new story bottles. And there’s a new notecard available now – peaceful moon.

the last three stitch book pages

Only three left?! It’s day 85 today, 4/14. Lot’s of people have already started assembling their books. I’m waiting until the very end to decide my page order. I know what pages I want to display together but have not decided on the overall lay out. In the last stitch book blog post on 4/29 I’ll do a demo of the alternative page joining method (raw page edges exposed) but if you’re anxious to get started the short explanation is follow these steps until step 11 . Instead of right sides together place the wrong sides together and then stitch around the edge.

What’s on your work table this spring? Are you a fan of zoom workshops? Are you assembling your stitch book? Let us know in the comments and happy garden season!


  1. The zoom workshop sounds amazing and I hope you do more of them! In a perfect world I would probably prefer an in-person workshop, but I have kid and dog obligations that make traveling to you difficult in addition to costly. Zoom might be the only way I can attend for now!

  2. I have been plagued by chest infections and life so I’m way behind on my stitch book and haven’t started my sail boat! But Im determined to get both done, just in my own time! Thanks for your lead in both these and many other projects

  3. I am SO excited for the Zoom workshop!

    I am making the front and back cover pages for my stitch book this weekend because I am going on vacation before the 100 days are over and ….maybe….I can get my book finished before I leave.

    I have gone from barely sewing a single stitch by hand to actually making my own choices about which stitch might work well, where, etc. — all in a mere almost-100 days. I have learned so many so many things about sewing in the process. Thank you deeply and dearly.

  4. I’m making one of your fabric boats but have the instructions the paper mache ones I would like advice on how to secure the mask to the hull

  5. Rendell Hourigan

    Ann, I so enjoy your newsy newsletters and blog posts. I’ll start my 18th page this evening. What a fun journey it has been stitching along with you and the other stitchbookers. I can see lots of stitching in my future. There is even a Fiver Art show coming to our local art Center that I am thinking about entering. I also have collage work on my work table and have recently started taking a pastel class.

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