finishing the hundred day stitch book : suddenly a prawn appears

day 99!

There was no plan for a prawn. He just turned up. He was immediately preceded by an octopus. That’s what I love about an improvisational process. Ideas. One thing really does lead to another if you let it. You get somewhere new by starting without knowing, make a mark (in this case a stitch, a patch etc.) and respond to it.

day 99 2023

These undersea friends in hats bubbled up from somewhere mysterious. They inhabit a world that is rich and expansive idea-wise. I’m going to spend time in that world. This is my favorite thing to do in life.

day 95 2023

Daily practice has a serious slog factor. It’s often hard to show up for. Days inevitably get weird and busy and difficult. I’m blown away by how many of you showed up for this. The community as well as instagram and facebook is filled with those efforts. Thousands of stitched pages. The last of the 100 days is tomorrow. Wherever you are in that process congratulations on showing up and thank you for sharing your one of a kind imagination.

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finishing the book

To finish your book start here.

None of what I’m about to say will make any sense to you unless you’ve reviewed the assembly pages linked above. I started putting my book together yesterday and I’m assembling a little differently this year. It’s going to take forever, tons of hand stitching.

The difference is leaving the page edges raw. I did this in a workshop in France last summer and liked the effect. You can check that out here. (PS if you’d like to join me for France 2024 please use the contact form to message me and I’ll hook you up with more info)

It’s easy to do but the hand stitching on all those pages takes a while. If you’d like raw edges just follow the book assembly instructions and  at step 11 in the slot section you place the wrong sides of the pages together. And again for the tab section in step 9 you place the wrong sides together.

I put together my first two sections (according to the chart) yesterday. Checkout the demo below and then refer to the official instructions.

First you need to number the pages in the order you want them to appear in the book. 1 is the front cover and 20 is the back cover .

Then arrange the numbered pages according to the chart.

Sew the seams for the first two sets of pages (section 1 on the chart).

Press the seams open.

For the raw edge finish place the wrong sides together.

And hand or machine stitch around the edges. The tab and slot edges are not raw – they are folded in and should be whip stitched closed  – just follow the directions here.

Just like last year I’m a little happy and a little sad this is over.  Daily commitment is hard but once again It was so worth it.  How about you?  Are you assembling your book? Did you have a favorite  page?  Let us know in the comments.


  1. I can’t believe I’m still on the 100 day journey with you, I find daily commitment difficult and this Spring has been a personal life doozy for the record books. But the stitch community you created is such an encouraging and gentle place to spend time, I couldn’t help but keep going because I’ve been stitching with new friends. I hope the creation of the stitch club has had positive effects for you and your art business as well. I know Mighty Networks aren’t free, especially when so many people show up!

  2. I finished my book Wednesday evening so I could show it off to my Thursday morning fiber artist group. I learned a couple of things I would do differently: use all the same weight fabric for the pages, and make sure to leave sufficient margin for the “hems” top and bottom, although if I had used the raw edge method, that wouldn’t have been an issue. I ended up cutting off some top and bottom edges of my shapes. I also am not the greatest at making the same width hem and the same dimensions for each page, which ended up causing issues with “creep” in folding the book signatures together.

    But it was fun! It also ended up taking time away from completing the 100DayProject to schedule. They’re on about day 65, while I’ve done only 48 days. That’s okay, I’ll keep chugging along. My “late” posts will get more views, anyway!!!

  3. I’m sadly not finished yet. But I will! Life got interrupted by loss, a fab vacation, spring cleanup gardens, but oh how I’m so proud of the 16 pages I do have! Ty!!

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