exciting developments in tiny curtain hardware for the cardboard doll house

What’s more luxurious than a little wood stove in your bedroom on a cold spring morning? #lifegoals  There has been major work on the cardboard house for the tiny doll. Decisions have been made and actions have been taken.

doll house made from corrugated cardboard with diy furniture

miniature curtains

The big news is an exciting development in tiny curtain hardware, such a break through, let’s start with that. The original plan was to just tack up little bits of fabric and lace but the idea of hardware and removable rods would not leave me alone.

The twig solution is just right for a cardboard house and super easy to do. All you need are some twigs and hot glue. Snip off sections with a little limb and glue to the wall.

Stitch or tie on fabric or weave a little twig through the lace.

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bedroom walls and floor

The upstairs walls got one more coat of paint in warm white and a border with a carved rubber stamp. I made the downstairs and upstairs stamps with this easy block kit (*this is an affiliate link – meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through the link). It really is easy and I want to make lot’s more.

There is a closer look at the stamped downstairs walls here.

The bedroom floor needed to be super simple and playful in scale. The removable cardboard floor  is painted a reddish brown and simple planks were added with darker colored pencil.

wood stove and hearth pad

The wood stove for the bedroom needed a hearth. It’s a matte board (on the wall) and a half circle of foam core for the floor. The stones are made using this tutorial. The little stove (made with this DIY) also got a roaring fire. Cut the door on three sides with an xacto knife and bend it open. I painted the inside black and orange and yellow tissue paper was added.

It’s the coziest room ever. I want to live in it.

Checkout the miss thistle society for more tiny world tutorials. Are there twig curtain brackets in your future? Are you working on a world for somebody tiny? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Christi Ann

    I am smitten with the curtain rods and I agree a hearth was something the wood stove upstairs was calling for! I love this, cannot wait to share my version of miss thistle’s house.

  2. That is perfect! I love the thought of keeping everything somewhat simple instead of absolutely realistic. It invites others to imagine with you. Nicely done!

  3. I have always LOVED mini anythings! But your wee house and wee friends really tickle me. Now, if I could just get my big clunky hands to do the work… I just love love love your updates. Thank you so much for warming my heart (again).

  4. Inspiring! Your artistic touch is so delicious, I want you to come to my real house and make it as charming. 🙂 Please!!!

  5. Having a gray spring day, the last day of my spring break, and these curtains and bedroom wood stove addition to Miss Thistle’s house aRe exactly what I needed to warm up my imagination.
    My Little Miss is getting pretty antsy for her own home renovations to get going… summer will hopefully bring a wrap to those projects!
    Thank you, Ann!

  6. Patty Brenner

    Oh how pretty, and I love the lace curtains on twigs <3 I also adore the woodstove! W-a-y back in the day (late 60's – early 70's) my sister made me a wooden purse that looked like a simple house. The craft store sold them unfinished. She broke egg shells and applied them to the outside walls, then painted and antiqued (what they called it then) them to look like stone. The roof was made from index card pieces layered, painted and snipped to look like shingles. She wasn't nearly as artistic as you are, but I still treasure that little purse, and thought she was so creative with it 🙂

  7. Jane Miller

    Ann, you are brilliant. I love your twig curtain rods. Would have never thought of doing that. And that little dish is exquisite. I’m making a two story house out of cardboard (dog food biscuit box) and I need to catch up on your tutorials. I got behind because I’m doing your 100 day stitch book (only ten pages done). I’m always lagging behind but having fun doing all your projects. Thank-you so much!

  8. Judy Klem

    When my 6 year old granddaughter saw my doll house she said, “I want to sleep in those beds!”. Love that!
    Ann, you have inspired people all over the world and we are so grateful!

  9. *gasp* That’s so clever with the twigs and curtains!! I’m hoping to try to build little houses/sets for the dolls I make. I love your ideas; thanks so much for sharing them! I gotta go try some of these lol.

  10. I am smitten! And agree would love to live in it myself. Such cozy details.

  11. What a brilliant idea using the twigs for the curtain hardware! and those stamped walls are so rustic and cosy.

  12. Lovely sweet house! I would love to live in it too. My cousin is coming next year, we live in Norway on a hill in an old house with a farm all around. She is bringing her two small children, so I am hoping to find time over the next year to make toys for them to play with. We also have an old playhouse in the yard out back, tucked in behind the orchards so swings need to be rehung, made in some cases. And then I have plans to do a large clean out, and paint and the install a tiny table and some chairs, with a small shelf and a tiny woodbox for toys. I am not lucky enough to have my own children, but I borrow others’ freely Best, Lynne

  13. Mary Boyea

    Hi Ann
    I am working on a wooden doll house inserted into the bedroom wall for my grandkids ( but really for me). I will definitely be making removable curtains ! I am using vintage wallpaper for the walls but love your handmade stamp. I am now inspired to think about making a wood stove, among other things!

  14. It’s too much cuteness in one place!!! The twiggy curtain hardware is simply brilliant! Your creativity is endless and I love it all!

  15. Natalie Burg/ Gumptionandgraceart

    I make paper mache Pumpkin , Mushroom, Beehive houses! (Also abandoned and thatched cottage dollhouses). This little twig idea will definitely be tried by me! Thanks for sharing!

  16. It’s always a joy to open your newsletter and find so much creativity spilling out and brightening my day. Thank you! Miss Thistle is a lucky lady.

  17. So enjoy your blog. All the creative ideas.
    I especially enjoy the simplicity of it all.
    Edgy Sack

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