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camp wapameo (for birds)

A group of little birds attended Camp Wapameo on the shores of beautiful Echo Lake in Rhode Island (thanks bettyann) over the July 4th holiday. The weather was disappointing and I suffered unimaginable insults from insects ( and vice versa I suppose), got poison ivy, accidentally rolled in goose poop repeatedly and had a fabulous time. You can see some of the highlights below (click the pictures for a larger view). The campers are ( from left to right): rex, finn, minter, liney, ashley, jane, betsy, flora, and georgie. camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds

Find the pattern to make your own camper bird here.



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something old

Newly acquired, for bird and ship and owl making.


This is one of two very similar antique handmade bodices, the other is all ivory. It has beautiful tiny green glass buttons and really interesting lace.


The silk chiffon lining is shattered – perfect for miss havisham birds.

a pink ballerina and the fleamarket report

I’ll start with the ballerina:


She was a special order but I plan on making more – maybe some swan lake ballerinas.

The fleamarket – an embarrassment of riches.

I’ve been kind of looking around for a new sewing box for taking the bird operation on the road and this turned up on Sunday.


A perfect box WITH STUFF IN IT for almost zero dollars !!! The little bit of fabric didn’t come in the box. It’s a swatch from a vintage coverlet – pale blue seersucker with tiny roses. A guy was using it to wrap furniture. It’s great fabric and I’m gonna make the daily bird out of it (8pm est). I think my favorite thing in the box is this button:


And the rest of it. An entire fisher price family? Oh my.


I’m not sure there is anyone, anywhere, having more fun than me. It probably wouldn’t even be healthy.


The daily bird for today, liberty:


She’s made from a vintage liberty of london tie purchased at the flea market this past weekend. She’s one of a small edition -till I run out of tie – and she’ll be in the shop at 8PM EST.

Here are some other fleamarket fabrics – a couple dresses, handmade handkerchiefs, some bark cloth. Good stuff.


I think that little rooster will be a flag for a ship.

flea market report

The Park Slope flea market was especially good this past sunny weekend. I got these three fantastic little metal men for future dioramas and terrariums


and a bunch of amazing vintage pillow cases. I’ve got some ships in progress that I’ll show you next week and these will make great sails. Part of me wants to save them for the country home I will ultimately have but they’re just irresistible sail fabric so I’m cutting them up.


the daily bird nellie valentine.


and sammy buttons


He’s made from a vintage housecoat and he was going to be the daily bird today but I’ve decided to keep him.

wedding cake topper

Yesterday’s glittery little photo was a little tiny top hat for a groom bird. Below are some of the other bits and pieces that became a cake topper I’ve been thinking about forever.


I love this antique lace so much I almost couldn’t use it. Luckily I’ve got a pretty deluxe stash of old lace for dolling up future bird brides. I’ll show you some time.

I had a ball making it. Here they are coming

and going


and on a swiss dot and seam binding cake.


The cake is sitting on a paper mache cake stand. I love a cake stand. The whole thing is in the window at Kim Johnson’s Shop on Orchard St. She has some new valentiney birds for sale as well. More on the bird madness at my shop this morning and other places you can buy a bird later. The cake toppers will be available soon in my shop and a couple other places, feel free to email if you have an immediate need.

evidence of bird making

And a flea market report: we had a warmer day on Sunday in Brooklyn so there was a little flea market action. I got this little sewing apron, cutest apron ever maybe.


There’s been lots of bird making going on. Here’s a little box-o-birds in progress.


They’re headed for various destinations, several are headed for my shop. The update will happen on Friday or Saturday and I’ll put a notice on the blog when it’s up. I’m still in the weeds, bird wise, but in the future I’m going to try to do at least little updates regularly.