1. Ann, I have a set of glasses that are the same pattern, with silver etching and pale blue glass. They are tall ‘iced tea’ size. I was told that they are from the 50’s, but they remind me of something from Morocco or Anthropologie.

  2. I love all things owl. They remind me I’m such a nerd, longing to be wise!
    What is a trivet used for exactly?

  3. trivets keep your table from burning when you bring a hot plate or kettle from the stove or oven to where it will be served.

    i like the negative spaces in both of those items.

  4. oh wow, how weird, two weekends ago I was wandering through my local op shop ( in beachside Victoria, Australia) and found about 15 of those exact owl trivets in different sizes!!! I’m in the process of making a wall hanging from them!!! What will you do with yours?

  5. Oh my goodness.. I thought that owl looked familiar. I have a mail/napkin holder made of that exact same owl, except it has coloured galss in all the holes! My parents have had it for as long as I can remember, and I stole it recently to take with me when I move out 🙂

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