a pink ballerina and the fleamarket report

I’ll start with the ballerina:


She was a special order but I plan on making more – maybe some swan lake ballerinas.

The fleamarket – an embarrassment of riches.

I’ve been kind of looking around for a new sewing box for taking the bird operation on the road and this turned up on Sunday.


A perfect box WITH STUFF IN IT for almost zero dollars !!! The little bit of fabric didn’t come in the box. It’s a swatch from a vintage coverlet – pale blue seersucker with tiny roses. A guy was using it to wrap furniture. It’s great fabric and I’m gonna make the daily bird out of it (8pm est). I think my favorite thing in the box is this button:


And the rest of it. An entire fisher price family? Oh my.


I’m not sure there is anyone, anywhere, having more fun than me. It probably wouldn’t even be healthy.


  1. Wow! I wish I had that much fleamarketing 🙂 Can’t wait to see how the birdie looks with the vintage fabric!

    P.S. I adore the pink ballerina – she’s lovely!

  2. SCORE!!!

    Ballerina birdie is PERFECT!! Can’t wait to see some swan lake versions 🙂

  3. Ooh, I have got sewing box envy! Sounds like a great fleamarket.

    And the swanlake birds wouldbe magical, this little ballerina is so delicate and sweet 🙂

  4. estelle

    The ballerina bird is just beautiful and details so refined ! I love it !!!

  5. I adore your ballerina she is just perfect and your flea markey finds are just wonderful.

  6. There can be few more perfect happenings then finding a box full of stuff for next to nothing, this is such a find!

  7. What a wonderful trail I followed starting with trying to find the artist who did those amazing paintings for Junebug to here. I am also a bird person and a twig person and and use existing forces to give them new life or prolong old ones. I especially understood your comment about feeling badly when you tore up the quilt to make a bird..somewhere else on your blog. What does it matter though, paper, paint, or something already made. Love your work. Wish you would talk in your blog about how you got in character to make those Junebug paintings.

  8. Oh, my!!!
    I have the fisher price doll house of that 3 litle dolls…
    good times… its blue and yellow… but I dont have the dolls any more… rs

  9. James Hanley

    I too am a total fan of the Junebug paintings .
    Tell us more please .

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