The daily bird – ava – 8PM EST.


I tried to post Wednesday’s bird, lucy, here yesterday but wordpress was being weird and slow and wouldn’t let me. Here she in prospect park. Lucy was a good poser. It was kinda breezy yesterday and she stood on that skinny little twig unassisted.

And a little work in progress.


A few cake toppers are hitting the road tomorrow and these are some millinery bits and pieces getting a little paint and glitter for one that I’m finishing up right now. I made a last minute trip to Tinsel Trading for flowers this afternoon.


  1. You won’t believe this but, as I opened your page to Ava a little sparrow landed on my windowsill and looked in at me!!!

    You are so lucky you got to go to Tinsel Trading, I love that store.

  2. Oh my goodness…these are the most adorable things I think I have ever seen!!! 🙂 Fabulous!!! 🙂

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