flea market report

The Park Slope flea market was especially good this past sunny weekend. I got these three fantastic little metal men for future dioramas and terrariums


and a bunch of amazing vintage pillow cases. I’ve got some ships in progress that I’ll show you next week and these will make great sails. Part of me wants to save them for the country home I will ultimately have but they’re just irresistible sail fabric so I’m cutting them up.


the daily bird nellie valentine.


and sammy buttons


He’s made from a vintage housecoat and he was going to be the daily bird today but I’ve decided to keep him.


  1. Hello, hello

    Those metal men are fabulous…not to mention your wonderful ships and birds! I’m a fellow Brooklyn dweller (since fairly recently) and live quite close to the Park Slope area and would love, love, love to know more details of when/where the flea market is. Do you mind sharing?

  2. Great buys, those pillowcases will look wonderful as sales and I love your birds today, no wonder you decided to keep Sammy Buttons he is so darned cute.

  3. I love the housecoat bird. I live to recycle old things into something new. I especially love old corduroy pants:) One day I hope to own one of your beautiful ships, those pillow cases are going to be beautiful sails.

  4. Do you know if the Brooklyn flea has a website? We can add it to the list of “NYC Fleas” on FleaSpeech.com, which is a new blog.

  5. Amazing finds! I would love to know as well since I am not that far from Park Slope either. Is this the one in the school? I miss the 26th St. market…paying $1 was always worth it. The garage just isn’t the same.

  6. oh boy, my husband gets a noogie every time i’m too slow with the “buy me” button for your daily bird, which has been every time. i saw one of your birds in catbird and hesitated (his fault) and by the time i went back – the bird had flown the coop, so to speak. winston churchill said “never give up, never ever give up.” i don’t think he meant this type of thing, but it does apply!

  7. I have been watching your blog for some time…..you are truly talented….truly inspiring. I can’t get enough of looking at your lovely birds. They are by far, one of my very favorite things….and your ships, wow…so much beautiful detail. Thank you for sharing.

  8. The Park Slope Flea Market is at the school – 7 th Ave between 1st and 2nd every Saturday and Sunday

  9. Ann and Ann’s Admirers:

    I was lucky enough to purchase “Nellie Valentine” as a gift for my sis who is getting married this weekend! The hearts are just perfect given the occasion and she is cuter than I thought she could be :). Now, I hope the luck will be with me so that I can get one for myself. This is such a lovely piece of art and I’m sure will make my little sister happy every time she looks at it, thanks much for sharing your talents!

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