The flea market was great again this weekend and I’ll give the full and official report on it later but for now here is the first thing made from new aquisitions, the daily bird bella.


She’s made from a spectacularly unflattering (love the print though) vintage dress. She is one of a small edition and will be in the shop at 1PM EST.

And work in progress in the strange golden light that I get in the early morning here.



  1. aagh! i love purple and the print is delightful! she’s truly lovely. my dsl connection must not be fast enough because every time i think i’m closing in on a bird, i’m too late! maybe the 14th attempt will end my unlucky streak…

  2. I just adore your work. What type or gauge of wire do you use? Glues or paint? You have inspired me to make something for my daughter’s apartment. Not sure what yet.
    I doubt I can ever get near to your charm.

  3. oh,oh, OH! Sigh…gush! I ADORE your ships. They are so remarkable they make me start to well up inside. I would love to see one in person. Do you display them anywhere???

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