camp wapameo (for birds)

A group of little birds attended Camp Wapameo on the shores of beautiful Echo Lake in Rhode Island (thanks bettyann) over the July 4th holiday. The weather was disappointing and I suffered unimaginable insults from insects ( and vice versa I suppose), got poison ivy, accidentally rolled in goose poop repeatedly and had a fabulous time. You can see some of the highlights below (click the pictures for a larger view). The campers are ( from left to right): rex, finn, minter, liney, ashley, jane, betsy, flora, and georgie. camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds camp wapameo for birds

Find the pattern to make your own camper bird here.



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  1. Hi Ann,
    Oh, these are just too adorable and so very brilliant! Are you going to sell this set in your shop? I , for one, would love to buy it!

  2. I popped over to say that I think you MUST sell these photos as a card set, and see that Melissa beat me to it. They make me smile–especially the marshmallow one.

  3. Mrs. Johnson

    These birds are off-the-hook. i like the sexy french campers.

  4. These pictures are too much!
    Brilliant work Ann, love it 🙂

  5. Ann, count me in for the next bird camp!! hehe, full of fun!! You could print those photos as postcards!!

  6. These pictures are so delightful! You must have had so much fun sending your “peeps” to camp. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Brigitte Nolan


    We are opening a big store in south of France and would be interested in selling some of your creations. Could you please cotnact me via my email ?

    Many thanks


  8. Please please please make these postcards available for purchase! I want to put one in every room of my house to make me smile 🙂

  9. Kathy Morrow

    Oh, my God are they adorable. I laughed so hard! I especially love the birdies in the swim rings. Too precious. What a sense of fun you have. Thanks for the smiles.

  10. What a creative master you are! I love these camp images. Looks like they love it! You really should offer these as postcard sets! I adore your wonderful work!

  11. A book! A children’s picture book! Yes, that’s it. Perfect.

  12. OMG. *Loving* the mini-innies (inner tubes). did you *make* those? and the sweet saiboat is amazing. curious: does wapameo mean anything?
    and that mushroom is funghally amazing.

  13. that’s gorgeous!! what a great idea…
    I love this camp and your little birds too, the old tent and the charming boat are really cute.
    I’ll tell all the birdies in my neighborhood about this paradise, maybe for next summer…
    wish I was there….
    (I’ve post it in my blog, hope you don’t mind.)

    thank you for this gift!!!

  14. oh boy! it looks like the birds had a grand time – the inner tubes so great. postcard would be awesome!

  15. Ann,

    As a very proud caretaker for several of your charming birds, I am a long time lurker on your blog. I nominated you for a Brilliante Weblog award and if you are interested, please see my blog ( for the rules.

    Can’t wait to see more of your ships!

    All the best,
    Michele Unger

  16. I am so in love… I have declared to my family… I want a bird soooooooo bad… you are amazingly telented and your birds are so “alive”… So cute… soooo cute… Amazingly cute…

  17. I just saw these on the twigs and honey blog — and fell in love. They are so cute. Love the card idea. I’d buy some.

  18. Tous ces petits oiseaux sont trop mignons ! La mise en scène est vraiment superbe et poétique… J’adore !!!

  19. Oh my Gosh….i can imagine the fun you had photographing their excursions—-and pride in the fact that they are all so unbelievably cute and you made them…even better! Thanks for showing us.

  20. I smiled at everything you had to get through to take these wonderful photos – I hope that doesn’t make me seem too cruel.

  21. Grâce à Sylvie (zeste céleste), je découvre de magnifiques créations mises en scène dans un décor naturel ! c’est splendide !

  22. Goose shit? Yep that’s what happens when you go out in the countryside- you encounter Nature in all her glory!!
    The pictures are just inspired- I can dig it 🙂

  23. I hadn’t visited your website in a little while (so busy) and was just so happily surprised by these pictures. Absolutely so adorable! What a wonderful imagination you have! I felt like I was camping with the most charming characters! So cute! You might like to see what’s new on my blog, too! My husband and I have two wonderful movies available now about our Fairy Treehouse and little furniture!! We’re so excited!! I’ll visit your blog more often…’s wonderful!!

  24. I have just discovered your blog and birds…sensational…love them 🙂

  25. danielle

    I love love love the birds. I love the picture with the tubes. I would love to purchase a set of birds….is that possible?

  26. SOOOO cute! I love these little birds…I can’t wrap my brain around how you make there little bodies….so sweet!

  27. What an amazing editorial for the fashionable birds! Seriously, could you be any cooler?

  28. Love your little birds!
    What a wonderful life they have!
    Swimming with innertubes
    and making s’mores.

    What could be better?



  29. What a fun idea! These pictures are fantastic, and the birds are super adorable. Nice work!

  30. OMG – these are the cutest! I just made my daughter stop what she’s doing to come see the darling little birds camping – the swimming floaties, the roasting of the marshmallows! I love it! It’s totally made me smile real big today!

  31. Beautiful!! Do they fly over Spain? I would love see them! Keep on working so great!

  32. So, I subscribe to craftzine blog in google reader. When they posted this 4 days ago, I fell in love with the pictures. The birds are so gorgeous. The setting… absolutely perfect. Anyway, I haven’t had the heart to unmark this particular post from craftzine. I just like looking at it. I decided to go ahead and click on and look at your blog because, well, this is just too cute. Thank you for the inspiring photo. I can’t wait to look around and see what else you have here!

  33. i liked…….
    como diz aqui no brazil isso tudo é lindo demais
    vc é muito talentosa

  34. Oh how fun this must be…I echo all of the above sentiments.


  35. What a hoot! (No pun intended!) The photos and birds are wonderful….over-the-top cuteness! One cannot help but smile at these whimsical birds!

  36. I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

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  38. Colleen Martin

    You know I adore your work =0) This made my heart feel happy just looking at it. All those adventurous little birds just SLAY me. What an amazing children’s book this would make. You have spectacular talent. You make daydreams real. I heart your work. It makes my toes tap!

  39. sara coppedge

    When I first saw the picture I thought the birdies had skirts made from CD’s!

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