1. I love anything nautical- And I fell in love with Brian the day he asked me if I wanted to sail around the world….
    🙂 Am in LOVE with that ship!

  2. it’s just wonderful. between my love for “The Science of Sleep” and your amazing things, I have been so inspired to try making a boat. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  3. OH my Ann, can you see me swooning??? You know I adore your ships but this photo, I can’t even put into words how lovely it is, billowing in lace…

  4. So utterly beautiful. I am completely inspired by your wonderful dreamy creations. This ship is so majestic and completely enchanting.

  5. Love this and those birds!
    I have one and loved it for my wedding!
    I’m rooting for Hannah Shaw at the fashion duel tonight!!

  6. I never imagined a shipwreck could be so beautiful. I don’t think you should fix anything about it. It is perfect!
    ~Emily in Norway

  7. How do I get you to make me one of these? I feel like I desperately need one of your beautiful ships so my life/house is complete.

  8. Hi Ann I check your blog/shop almost daily and bought the book LETS PLAY with your castles in it but i as Reyna says in their email I would love to see more ships available to buy they are spectacular!!!!

  9. Hi again I just had to return for another look at your wonderfully magical things!
    They’re all so whimsical and lovely, you are very gifted! :))

  10. Hi … I don’t know if you have been producing changes, but your pages aren’t showing correctly for me. The sides in the text are working into every several. I didn’t do this the other day. I do not know if it is some thing on my laptop or if you have created a change… Just believed you might wish to look at it. Thank you!

  11. I just couldnt go away from your blog post before say i very enjoyed the quality info that you give for your site visitors… Will be back again often to check up on unique stuff you posting!

  12. I just stumbled on your post and have really been browsing along. I thought I will post my first comment given it truly captured my focus. I will drop back again quite often to check for fresh articles.

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