1. These little birdies go so darn fast! This one would have been cool to get. Someone is very lucky out there. I’ll keep tryin’! They’re too adorable to stop!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! I wish I had seen this earlier and pointed to it on Wee Birdy.

    We were so excited over here in London! xx

  3. Now I love you again! I was mad before (you’d promised me a bird for a year), but now all is forgiven because the birds sang for hope and for change and it actually happened! (Now about that bird!!!) LOL

  4. …just a little message to express my admiration for your little creatures!!!congratulations!!!your birds are magical!!!thanks for creating such lovely little things!!I´d love to have one of your birds flying in my little home!!!golden kisses from spain*matilde:-)*

  5. republicrat

    cute little guy, does he know he’s towin the party line for the antichrist?

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