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* Update: sinclair and a couple other owls and spiders are available in the shop.

Sinclair is made mostly from this midnight blue antique wool and velvet jacket.

midnightblueI had hoped to make two or three owls  from this jacket but  it was too fragile – sinclair was kind of impossible and he will be the only one.

autumnal owl

hand stitched owl

Find the pattern to make your own dastardly owl here.

I’ve been saving the buttons for his eyes ( I only have 2)  for 3 years.  I started putting fabric aside for him  about a year ago – bits of quilts and blankets, a tiny piece of threadbare  russet velvet from a crazy quilt and linings from several garments. And just lately I found the last thing I needed, the heavy  dark brown cotton his body is made from, lining an antique walking skirt.  I’m hoping to finish him today.


a beast and a ballerina


silver ballerina

She is silvery. I feel like there should be a rule that if I get a little fabric bird to balance on her glittery toes I should be able to take the rest of the day off. But it doesn’t work that way. Today will be long and I’m making a big mess ( you can see a bit of it here) getting things finished and photographed for the shop.  You can join the mailing list or check back here if you’d like to know when new things are available.

owl work

owl work I’m working on several new owls including one made from mrs. browns skirt ( on the left above), a large black owl made from this jacket and a little grey owl  with green velvet horns and shoe button eyes.
owl work

I’m still  going through my little scraps and making one of a kind birds, I’ve just added the first two bundled up birds of the season to  the the shop and will be adding more regularly.

bundled birdsThere is another photo of the little plaid bird visiting an apple farm here.

I had a conversation with Suzie Monday ( thanks very much Suzie) over the summer and you can find the resulting article in the September October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

cloth paper scissors

they float


I replaced my giant wooden work table with a much smaller iron table with a glass top.  It feels light and kind of unobtrusive in this little place.  Working on the glass top is sort of an odd sensation but so far I like it, if it starts to drive me mad  I can replace the glass or cover it with homasote or something.

dark things


Thanks to everyone who turned up at last weeks shop update ( part 2 later this week) -things went quickly and if you were disappointed there will be more very soon, I’m already working on several new owls and spiders  and bats including another bad owl.


He’s made from the backing of an antique crazy quilt I’ll show you later on and bits of several garments.

I’ve gotten several  really old black garments lately.


I think the lace  cuffs  are going to  be spiders.

the line up


The owls above and some other new things are available here now.

Between filling orders and new things I ‘ve made a crazy amount of stuff over the last few weeks and at the moment I’m kind of spent (I’m starting to think my boss is an  a**hole….)   so in the interest of not  losing my marbles , I decided to do the this shop update in  2 sections – today there are owls, spiders bats and ballerinas. Next week will be boats, ships, small things and birds,  a couple ships are previewed below and I’ll post other previews here soon.




One of the first really old things I bought  for making things was a purple silk bodice that was in wretched condition. The silk itself was mostly unusable-  it disintegrates when you touch it .

purple bodice

a sewing pattern for a dastardly owl


I was originally interested in the buttons, the fantastic buttons,  flinty piercing eyes, they inspired my first owl,  but when I began to take it apart I found a variety of tiny prints and lovely indigo ,  hidden and preserved in the foundation.  They ‘re mostly gone now – used in owl ears and beaks and spiders but yesterday I found one more piece of my favorite print  inside a cuff. I think it’s  enough for a beak for the fellow in the background  and maybe a spider too.


It is snowing like nobody’s business in Park Slope.