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shop update

I’m having a little shop update Monday (12/17 – 2pm ny time), you’ve already seen some of the new things- toadstools and little owls – and there are a couple new ships as well. One is paper mache:

paper mache ship

And the other is made from  an antique quilt fragment – pretty grays and lilac.

quilt ship

Both have little owl captains.

There is also a new dark toadstool with a little teal owl perched underneath- both made from turn of the century garments.

owl and toadstool

The new things will be available in the shop on Monday- 12/17  at 2 pm (new york time).

mr. knickers

mr. knickers

Mr. Knickers is made from this pair of wonderful dark  and  tweedy woolen knickers:


The wool has tiny flecks of purple and green and I used my antique swim bloomers as well as bits of lace and antique glass buttons for  eyes.  The  Mr. N  pictured above is the first of a very  small numbered  edition – 1 and 2  are available now and more soon – as many as the knickers allow – I’m hoping for at least  two more.

mr. knickers storms off

collection : fortuny

fortuny owl

fortuny owl

A long time ago, way back in 2010 I visited the Fortuny showroom  here in NYC to talk about making some creatures with their exquisite fabrics. There have been fits and starts and interruptions in the process but lately solid progress has been made towards creating a full collection of creatures that will be available  beginning this fall.

fortuny spider

Working with patterns,  large scale patterns,  has challenged how I think about my owls in particular and some interesting things are happening.

fortuny owls in progress

fortuny owl

fortuny perching owl

More progress photos soon as well as information on where and when things will be available.

owl beginnings

I’ve started several new owls  including the two robust grey fellows below. The owl on the left is made from a silvery Fortuny pattern  and the other from marvelous Japanese  textiles courtesy of Sri.

owl beginnings

I have also gathered a little pile of things for another fabric ship and owl captain – a moodier pallet than the last – I love the purplish tones – those are for the ship and the indigos  are  for the little captain. These are all Japanese and again courtesy of Sri.  These are the colors I’ve been most attracted to for weeks now – silver, stone shades, and bits of violets and blues

purplish grey antique japanese textiles

I finished the quilt ship but I haven’t taken it’s official photo yet, this is an instagram shot of the very nearly finished ship and captain.

quilt ship and captain

owl work

A new owl I’m working on:

handmade gray wool owl


a sewing pattern for a dastardly owl


get the owl sewing pattern

I named him for a nice man who sold me tires a couple weeks ago.  I’ve  been working on him forever and he’ll finally be finished  tomorrow.



There were ferocious thunderstorms on Tuesday – this is a photo of a thunderstorm gathering over a little pond upstate.  I wish I had my big camera with me – It was spectacular:


I’m also working on new little boats made from quilt scraps and getting ready for my boat making class at squam next week. You can find the pattern to make your own stitched sailboat here.

fabric sail boat made from an old quilt

* thanks for the helpful comments regarding the grey hair situation. I’m interested in hearing about other peoples experience with this. Mine is in a particularly bizarre two tone moment but I’m sticking with it.

perching owl

percher black

A new owl shape. He’s made from a variety of antique garments and his eyes are antique faceted glass buttons. (please join my mailing list if you would like to be notified when perching owls are  available in my shop )

perching owl

You can see the beginning of the thought for him  (and a couple other projects) in pages from an old notebook  here  (click the image  for a larger  version).

sketches 3