1. Love the “nautical” owl…can just see him presiding over a Pottery-Barn inspired room in some upscale beach cottage!

  2. All your creations are AMAZING but your new song birds are – I’m lacking a more eloquent word – INSANE! The detailing is utterly stunning.

  3. Great bird with the little flecks of white stitches by the eye – and also a nice ghostly sailor owl!

  4. Just simply perfection. The eye you have for combining ages of old to create these beautiful little souls is just charming to the moon and back. Love your talents.

  5. Your work is such an insipiration. I am wondering if you could develope a bird and pattern that could be posted as a bird making tutorial. I keep trying to make one myself, but your shapes look so much better than mine (due to your years of work)
    Thanks for the art.

  6. Ann you’re killing me with those bats. Your amazing details make me, I don’t know, my chest gets tight and I’m … verklempt. That’s the only word that works here. The tiny lace veins securing what I imagine is boning or wire gives me tingles. I hope I click through from your shop email list fast enough some day to buy one of your pieces. I have a deep dark need for your work.

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