black songbird

I’m working on some new songbirds, hoping to finish today. They will be in the shop by the end of the week along with a small collection of other new things.

brown songbird


  1. …I just love your birds! I actually love ’em better than the ones I used to make. Mine were made from 19th century calico and other early textiles, much like yours. Yours has much cuter faces and I love the beaks too. :o)

    …Oh, and Julia up there got my vote! ;o)


  2. I love the shape of these the way they sit in your hand,I made myself a bird in felt a while ago, a mistle thrush to put inside a metal cage I bought and liked that shape very much. I found it comforting to work on with her sat there in my palm….yours are looking so special, as if they are just waiting for the magic moment to fly…
    Lynn x

  3. Your birds are so wonderful! I’m gathering some old fabrics to see if I can try my hand at sewing some. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I can’t wait to see the finished product, I’m a big fan, and love everything you create. I’m working on a few birds for a baby mobile, I can’t wait to finish it….consists of sweet little pink birdies, they are so cute.

  5. Yolan Presley

    Ann, I just love your work and would love to have some but every time I visit your shop, it’s all sold out already! Today, I got the message three minutes after you posted and still….!!!

    Actually, I’m really glad you have collectors out there. Perhaps you should consider depicting the noble Turkey Vulture. (smile)

    I’ll keep trying.

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