I’m working with linings. I pulled everything out and started thinking about them a couple days ago. I love linings – they are full of surprises. I’ll post progress over the next several days here and on facebook as I’m able – I’m taking all this and a bunch of other work on the road for a few days.


  1. …Oh my, did you ever see a more gorgeous pile of linings in your life?! I LOVE the one to the left; the creamy background with the floral print? *swoons* :o)

    …Enjoy your road trip!

    …Blessings :o)

  2. A very tempting pile of colors and fabrics! Love those muted colors like dark water and sand.

  3. The photo is a work of art in itself…yes I too love linings…they are hidden jewels…am making a crazy quilt with silk tie linings…

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