dark owls


The dark things collection begins appearing today with owls. ( I don’t trust the little one on the right).
The next updates will be this Wednesday and Friday – there will be spiders and bats and some suprises.


  1. Fantastic collection of “dark” characters. I really want to hear them speak or say something — they are so interesting. I agree with the little one on the right. You’ve got to watch those small ones that you don’t suspect. Great pieces!

  2. Love these dark little guys and I dont trust that one either! They would make great companions to our bat and lizard hardware, dont you think?

  3. Nancy Carter

    Agree , he really has a shifty eye. All Awesome, but sneaky

  4. …Each and every one of ’em is spectacular! For some reason, I fell in love with Bishop. Glorious in all his details. :o)

    …Fabulous work!


  5. Those are some fabulous claws – great job! Would love to see a show on tv starring your creations – I think it would be so cool.

  6. Your work is amazing. I’ve linked to you on my blog. I hope that’s alright. Please let me know if I’ve overstepped.

  7. Love your owls, they are stunning!! I know they are ‘dark’ but I think they are adorable :O) Love the play house too – you’ve given me an idea. Thanks x

  8. Hi! Wow – I’m in love with your birds – even with the untrusted small one! Thank you for making my day! (Thanks to my sister I found you!

  9. I keep expecting to see Harry Potter lurking behind the them…Love the personalilties you’ve given to them. Judge jury & executioner!! LOL
    They’ve also been “pinned” Can’t wait to see the next creations.

  10. love these..they remind me of (evil?) hobbits (a lil bit) cause of their big tummies XD

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