1. Each item you make is so full, textured, complex, has a personality, is stunning. I LIVE for your blog posts because your work is so inspiring. No, I don’t sew often…but I LOVE The complexity of your work.

    As for spiders…have you ever read “Sophie’s Masterpiece”? It is a beautiful story about a spider and totally fits the spiders you made.

  2. Oh, wow. AGAIN I’m wowed. These are spectacular. Love their activity in the photo. Just too realistic. You are inspiring!

  3. So interesting–had to share with my daughter and post your link on my Facebook–I always love everything you make.

  4. Ann – I’ve just discovered your site and it is fantastic. I love it. The spiders are adorable and I’m an arachnophobe! I’m going to share your site will all my artistic appreciative friends. Well done.

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