a new garment

This  antique gown arrived a while ago. I think it’s Edwardian  but it was definitely reworked at some point  – it has fasteners and hardware and repairs that were added later. I guess it has had many lives.

antique lace gown

The peach silk is almost all shattered, it’s torn, stained and many of the seams have let go but the gauze, sheer silk lining and lace are still strong. First I’m making  a bird.

lace bird
Two really – one from each lace and tulle sleeve. And maybe later today a little boat with gauzy sails and little peach silk flags.


snowflake and ashton
Finished! snowflake and ashton


  1. it’s a beautiful elegant gown being born into a beautiful elegant bird, looking forward to seeing the dreamy boat it turns into – your work is lovely as always.

  2. I really love the garments that you use for your exquisite work, good chefs always use the best ingredients, so it follows with crafting….
    I just love the whole experience of watching you make from start to finish..
    Lynn xxx

  3. …What a gorgeous, old dress. I’ve often wondered when I see a wedding gown at a resale shop or a farm auction, if it could talk, would it tell a story of happiness or one of sadness.

    …As always, love the bird. :o)


  4. it’s so cool to find out that there are a lot of great things that can be done from an old garment. you are so very talented! xD

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