I made this playhouse a little while ago for  Clare Crespo’s Yummyfun Kooking.  It’s made of cardboard boxes, bits of found wood, foil, plastic and lots and lots of popsicle sticks. I had a blast making it and it was a nice shift of gears and a good “brain opener”.  Clare is filming some new episodes of the Yummyfun Kooking show and I can’t wait to see the playhouse in action.  I’m a huge fan of C. Crespo and Yummyfun – if you are not already familiar I  recommend you check it out, most especially if you have little folks. There’s a recipe club and everything where you get stuff in the mail!


  1. What a fun house! I would love to see it human sized, maybe near a beach.

  2. oh wow! i used to create similar things for and with my children when they were younger but must admit not as fantastic as this one. Congrats it is amazing.x lyndax

  3. oh my you’re so creative…to work out from the base like that! know the film will be fabulous!

  4. Hi Ann
    My favorite blogs are like yours, about making things. I can imagine how difficult it is to live in NYC. I’ve supported myself for 45 years with my sewing machine and a needle and thread, it’s a pleasure, a joy and a struggle every day.
    Best to you

  5. Wow! What a marvel! It is the house of my dreams that looks like my creations a lot also! It is really funny. I am a fan of the collage that I use everyday then this cardboard quirky house pleases me enormously. BRAVO!

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