owl work

A new owl I’m working on:

handmade gray wool owl


a sewing pattern for a dastardly owl


get the owl sewing pattern

I named him for a nice man who sold me tires a couple weeks ago.  I’ve  been working on him forever and he’ll finally be finished  tomorrow.



There were ferocious thunderstorms on Tuesday – this is a photo of a thunderstorm gathering over a little pond upstate.  I wish I had my big camera with me – It was spectacular:


I’m also working on new little boats made from quilt scraps and getting ready for my boat making class at squam next week. You can find the pattern to make your own stitched sailboat here.

fabric sail boat made from an old quilt

* thanks for the helpful comments regarding the grey hair situation. I’m interested in hearing about other peoples experience with this. Mine is in a particularly bizarre two tone moment but I’m sticking with it.


  1. grey hair looks great if it’s nearly white; unfortunately it makes most people look old.
    BTW Seaton looks fantasssstic!

  2. Oh, the growing out stage is horrible. But it’s soon over and then you can rock your fab colour. My hair isn’t all white, Karin, but I don’t think it makes me look old. In fact, people often guess my age to be 5 years younger than my actual 49. I think Seaton looks fantastic, too!

  3. Seaton is beautiful, rugged-looking. I’d love to find out how you handle your hair situation, I’m so tired of dying mine, but afraid of the growing out part.

  4. Oh my heart, that thundrous sky!

    Seaton is just marvellous, I do so love your owls and boats.

  5. Seaton looks to be brooding about something? Wonderful owl and love the textures.

  6. My hairdresser compares himself to a drug dealer when he is coloring client’s hair. He knows that they will always come back for more. I always come back for a fabulous cut.

    I used high and low lights whilst I was gaining a significant amount of white in my short hair. There is no reason I shouldn’t do it again either, should I fancy.

    If you have a good white color to your hair then there is no reason not to let nature take her course. There are products to make more yellow appearing grey hair look brighter as well.

    Seaton looks quite dignified to me, as well as having quite the personality!

    Wish I was taking your class at Squam.

  7. I forgot to say, that you need to attend to the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes. The brows can be done at home, but I suspect it either needs to be mascara or professional eyelash dye, which needs redoing.

    Otherwise we can look a bit washed out.

  8. Love the owl.

    Gray hair: “Let It Be.” It’s YOU and it’s be.YOU.tiful. Be YOUrself.

  9. Grey hair is marvelous! I’m 38 and found my first one last week, I was overjoyed! I have red hair from my father’s side, and neither he nor his brothers and sisters went grey until they were in their mid 50s at least. I thought I was going to have to wait forever but maybe not! Grey hair is not about looking old -and what’s wrong with that anyway?- it’s about looking classy and wise and comfortable with yourself. Go forth and be classy!

  10. Just wonderful bird.

    As for hair…well, I’ve had white hair since I was 21. I’ve dyed it all these years, but it keeps coming in more & more & more. Someday I want to just let it all go, but I’m just a vain vain woman…it makes my face all washed out in the front & since it is all brown in the back…it would make me look like my Grandma who wears her wig as a hat to cover her white hair. Except I’d be opposite of Grandma.

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