mr. knickers

mr. knickers

Mr. Knickers is made from this pair of wonderful dark  and  tweedy woolen knickers:


The wool has tiny flecks of purple and green and I used my antique swim bloomers as well as bits of lace and antique glass buttons for  eyes.  The  Mr. N  pictured above is the first of a very  small numbered  edition – 1 and 2  are available now and more soon – as many as the knickers allow – I’m hoping for at least  two more.

mr. knickers storms off


  1. Thank you Ann for a chance to see your work and site again. Love your bathing suit posting!

    I adore the old garments you are rescuing and reusing, as well as all the hand stitching. Yum!

  2. I love all your wonderful works, you are a true artist giving life to these beautiful creatures! Just keep on going, I´m inspired….!


  3. Have you ever considered making a pattern for your owls and selling it? Not one exactly like yours but similar. I don’t think it will hurt your sales…I have taken doll making classes from some famous dollmakers and all that did is make me want to own one of their dolls even more!

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