new ships

A couple previews of tomorrows shop update – I’ll post more here if time permits tomorrow morning ( there are 3 new owls too).

quilt ship

The hull is made from an antuique quilt top, the sail is antique ticking and the owl captain is made from a vintage feed sack.

sri ship
And another made from mostly Japanese textiles (courtesy of Sri Threads) – in moody lavender grey tones.


  1. Ann, your creations are so bleeping amazing!
    God knows how many hours you have put into all your recent pieces, it’s awesome. I’m having heart flutterings over the image off the pink songbird in the making, big sigh… I lack words.
    xo Joan

  2. I have been a fan of yours for years. Especially the ships and boats. I have been trying to buy a boat for several years and this time one of them made it to my cart but then when I filled out my infomation it said it was gone. I am heart broken. You are such a inspiration and hope one day I will be able to have a piece of yours in my home.

  3. Hi Ann!
    It’s not really topic related, but I made an owl to be a tribute to yours, and I’d be so honored if you took a look at it:
    Also, I have a rather blunt question. We are required to write a paper for art class this year, in which we are allowed to talk about any artist, art style or whatever we want. I really would love to make a paper about you, so would you mind if I sent you a short interview which you could answer for me?

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