October is for sewing


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery,  Anne of Green Gables

Maybe it’s my favorite  –  or maybe tied with March – I like the blustery months. It is just so extraordinarily pleasant – perfect days.  And I’m sewing a ton – hours and hours of hand sewing every day after a longer than usual phase of other things – planning workshops for next year, teaching, making sewing patterns etc. – there was a lot to swim through so I could sit and sew again.

fortuny songbird
songbird sewing pattern

I’m making lots of songbirds- some Fortuny – like the birds above and some from antique garments.

I’m also making owls,  and rats, building ships and working on a new shape – a new creature.

 make this songbird



departing owls and songbirds

hand stitched songbirds

Most of the finished things above are headed off on a special mission in the UK but I do plan to have lots of things in my shop soon and will be sending creatures to the  Fortuny showroom in Manhattan next week.

And check back for progress on the new shape I’m working on – it is another of the often less loved creatures and one I have a complicated relationship with…….


  1. October! I agree. I got my tiny doll pattern in the REAL mail last week-such fun to go to the mailbox and find it there. My hands are itching to get started, and the birdie postcard you included was a sweet surprise. The pattern itself is a work of art and has been my bedtime reading the last few nights! Thank you so much!

  2. Your images and your posts make me feel warm and happy. I too love October and November, and hand stitching and making something from (almost) nothing 🙂



  3. Catherine parkyn

    Somehow came upon your gentle and inspiring work. Just what I was looking for to help me make precious gifts for my growing tribe of grandsons.

    October is always wonderful even though I live far away in Brisbane, Australia.

    Will be following your work with fascination. Your sketches are perfect.


  4. I have recently found you as well. You and your blog resonate with me very well and have inspired me within ny own creative work. I live in Perth, Australia and my equivalent of October would be March i feel. Autumn with all the beautiful coloured leaves and cooler days. Our summers are way too hot for me, so autumn, winter and spring are gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear that your ceiling collapsed but glad you are ok. Shaken but okay. Have a lovely day…

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